Saint Laurent Shoe Sizing, Fitting,Pricing -All You Need To Know Before Buying Your First Pair

Saint Laurent Shoe Sizing, Fitting,Pricing -All You Need To Know Before Buying Your First Pair
June 15, 2019 closs team
saint laurent shoe sizing

Hello guys ! How are you doing ? I’m very busy lately we have launching our online store   and our boutique in Rhodes island Greece   and I’m super busy but I’m trying to post once a week ! But you know I’m very excited !

Ok , now we are going to talk about Saint Laurent shoe sizing ! First , let’s start with the fact that I love Saint Laurent shoes !

I love the simplicity , the colors and the styles ! They are always ahead of the trends ! And you are very lucky because right now in net-a-porter ,  and many more the new Saint Laurent shoe collection is on sale ! That’s huge girls ! This is the time to buy your (first) pair of Saint Laurent ! So what better time to talk about Saint Laurent shoe sizing right!!Below I have found for you the best sale choices !

I have right now 2 pairs of Saint Laurent shoes . I used to have four but I picked the wrong size  twice  and I forced myself to sell them  !

See , that happens when you don’t pick the right sizes ! It’s a very weird and certainly unpleasant situation when you have to return or resale the shoes you have already bought !

Returning a beautiful , super stylish pair of Saint Laurent shoes is a very bad situation ! And now I’m going to tell you how to avoid this by choosing the right size ! So let’s talk about Saint Laurent shoe sizing!!!


And now you must be wondering why you should know your size , you could just go to a boutique or a resealer and try them , right ?

What if you live in a small island like me and you don’t have direct access to Saint Laurent in your hometown ? Or what  if net-a-porter has an exclusive sale online and you desperately want to buy a pair before they sell out ?

Nowadays you can’t avoid shopping online , there are so many online temptations out there , from exclusive collaborations to coupon codes to huge sales to second hand  etc.


Are Saint Laurent shoes comfortable ?

Let’s clear something  up , most Saint Laurent shoes are sexy . Unfortunately most sexy shoes are uncomfortable . But they aren’t like Louboutins !They give you the most comfort a sexy shoe can give you !

So if you are looking to buy your first Saint Laurent pair of shoes , this guide will help you to choose the perfect size for your dreamy pair . Let’s start !

-Do Saint Laurent shoes run true to size ?

I believe it’s not proper  to answer you immediately with a simple yes or no , so I will share with you my personal experience !

The pumps you see in the photo above are size 39 and they fit perfectly to my feet , they aren’t tight which is very important for pumps so yes I can say this was a very good choice and very true to size.

‘’Saint Laurent shoes generally run true to size but you always have  to consider the shoe type ‘’


Now we are going to say how to choose the right size ! Saint Laurent may run generally true to size but you always  have to consider the shoe type .

saint laurent shoe sizing

-What size should I buy my first Saint Laurent shoes?


Actually , it’s more simple than you imagine to find the perfect Saint Laurent shoe size  . You will need one thing only , a tape measure , yes ! You are going to follow my famous  tape technique . I use this technique also in my CHANEL shoe sizing guide (here) , Gucci shoe sizing  (here) and it always works !


First you need to know your feet’s length ,  that’s why you need the tape measure and then you need to know the shoe’s insole measurement which is the insole length in cm or inches !

A lot of girls don’t know what’s the insole measurements of a shoe or even don’t care and that’s a huge mistake ! This is the most important thing in order to pick the right size !


When you know this two numbers you have just to compare them . For example , your feet’s length is 25cm so the shoes must have an insole length around 26 cm , if it’s a heeled shoe, and a little bigger let’s say  around 27cm , if it’s a flat shoe .

So the tape technique is a very important ally when we’re talking about Saint Laurent shoe sizing and any shoe sizing actually !!


‘’ The higher the heel the smaller the size ‘’



What about the wide -narrow feet thing ?

   You would like me to be honest , right ? Most Saint Laurent shoes are tight , they aren’t tight  like Louboutins but  not comfy like Gucci . I can say that they are normal to tight !

I have wide feet and I have returned a very beautiful pair of strapy Saint Laurent  shoes because they were super tight to my feet !

My advice for girls with wide feet like me is to avoid sandals that have only that tiny little strap at the front to hold the feet, I don’t know how Kim Kardashian does it but I can’t!!!! But you can always try and see ! This is my advice for you girls ! These Saint Laurent  pumps though  are great on my feet !


But how you can know the insole length of a shoe you haven’t bought yet ?? It’s very easy ! Just ask !

All the luxury online retailers have very good and helpful customer support that can help you with every inquiry ! Or if you are looking for vintage or second hand goodies don’t worry because they also have  sale assistants to help you !

saint laurent shoe size

I have done this a million times ! Just ask them to tell you the insole measurements in 2 or 3 sizes of the shoes you like !

For example , I usually ask them to tell me the insole length of 38,5-40 . And when I know these I can pick my new fabulous Saint Laurent shoes without a doubt !


So let’s sum with a small and practical Saint Laurent shoe sizing guide

  • Get to know your feet’s length using a measuring tape .
  • Ask the customer service to give you the insole measurements of the sizes you are interested in . If you are shopping second hand or vintage there is also customer support that can help you and especially in you can ask directly the seller in the comments !


  • Always choose the size that is 1 cm up from your feet’s length and if the shoes are flat go a little bigger !


  • If you have beautiful wide feet like me ,try to avoid the sandals with the one tiny strap ! I know you love it but girls it’s gonna be super tight !

And voila you are ready to buy your dreamy Saint Laurent  shoes !

They aren’t like GUCCI that you can wear  all day long without any pain  but they are perfect for a party or a dinner night ! Just avoid wearing them all day long !


Where should I buy my first Saint Laurent pair of shoes from ?

So many options out there ! From Saint Laurent official website to famous luxury retailers like net-a-porter and to second hand online stores !

If you are looking for brand new Saint Laurent shoes you should buy them from an online retailer not because I will get a bigger commission but because retailers and especially net-a-porter and matchesfashion have  promo codes very often !

So , buying from them will save you money girl ! I will let you know on a weekly basis when the best coupon codes pop on these sites !

Now ,if we are talking about second hand or vintage , the best options are and The Real Real . They  both are trusted second hand retailers and all the products pass through quality and authenticity control before they come to your door !

Buying from a second hand retailer is always better for me because you are definitely  going to get a better price at least 50% off and you have so many options !

You can choose your Saint Laurent shoes among thousands of designs from different years and collections ! So , think about it !


Are Saint Laurent shoes on sale ?

Yes , of course ! If you take a look above you will see all the Saint Laurent’s new season shoes on sale  !  As I said above you can always get discount with promo codes even if it’s not sale season !

During season sale , some Saint Laurent shoes have 50 % off sale ! But you have to be patient and wait until the season sale and hoping that your size is still available !

Many shoes  sell out  even when they  are not on sale , so imagine what happens during the sale season . So , don’t miss them !

saint laurent shoe size chart

How much will a pair of Saint Laurent shoes cost me ?

According to the prices for Saint Laurent shoes start from 345 euros for a simple sneaker and go up to 3000 euros for the OPYUM pumps ( the pumps with the YSL heel)  with crystals all over.

On the other hand according to the price range for used Saint Laurent shoes starts from 65  euros (pumps) to 8600 euros (boots) .

You might think it’s weird that the range is higher for second hand shoes but that’s because of the variety you can find on a second hand website!!

So , to sum up in order to get brand new Saint Laurent shoes you will need a budget of 550-750 euros and for second hand for a ‘’good’’ pair you will need from 250-400 euros !

But as I said before , if you’ve found your dreamy Saint Laurent pair in a good price or with a code and of course you have the budget ,  just buy it !

You aren’t the only one who wants this and from my experience you are going to lose it ! Every time I said ‘’ Well I will sleep on it ‘’ they just sell out and I regret it so much ! So don’t make the same mistake !


Well , Saint Laurent makes amazing luxury shoes with the highest quality standards . The designs are always ahead of the trends and a girl who loves shoes must have at least one pair of Saint Laurents in her closet ! To find your size  just follow the steps above and you will have a perfectly fitting shoe ! I hope this Saint Laurent shoe sizing guide was at least a little helpful !!! Until the next one , love you all !!!!




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