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positano italy

Hey guys! How are you doing ? It’s already June ! I can’t believe that summer is already here ! That means perfect sunny summer vacation ! And what better destination to spend your summer vacation than costiera Amalfitana and especially Positano ! It is the most famous village in the Italian riviera ! It’s a magical place . It’s a paradise on earth ! A charming picturesque little place with a beautiful beach and super luxurious accommodations that are waiting for you !So in this post we’re going to talk about all the things to do in Positano .

things to do in positano

So , I guess you have already decided that you want to visit the beautiful Positano and have a little summer break there and you are wondering what are those things that will make your vacation dreamy , right ? You are lucky because I have been to Positano and I know exactly all the things to do in Positano in order to create some unforgettable memories ! The only thing you need to do is read the rest of my post and start packing!!

things to do in positano

What are the best things to do in Positano ?

1) Get lost in Positano

things to do in positano

My strongest advice in such places like Positano is to simply get lost ! Those beautiful picturesque villages don’t need a map to be discovered ! You need to wander  in order to see the whole beauty of Positano ! Walk around the beautiful colorful streets and maybe make a stop to eat some lemon gelato and just enjoy yourself in Positano !

things to do in positano


For me getting lost there is the ultimate of all the things to do in Positano . Wake up early in the morning so it will not be super crowded like the rest of the day and start walking maybe take some shots for your Instagram and let yourself enjoy this remarkable beauty of the Amalfi coast !

things to do in positano

2) Have a lovely nice day in a Positano beach

things to do in positano

You are in the Italian Riviera , you have to swim in the Mediterranean crystal clear waters ! Put your most glamorous bikini on , your fabulous kaftan and maybe your Hermes sandals and head to the beach !
Marina Grande beach is the most famous beach in the whole Amalfi coast ! It’s a beautiful three hundred meters longline coasat with amazing clear beaches . You have probably seen it before its everywhere on instagram and on pinterest ! It’s something iconic for the whole Amalfi Coast !

things to do in positano
Marina Grande has two sections , a private and a free area ! Unfortunately the beautiful classic scenery you have seen on Instagram is the private area and next to it there’s a small beach which is the free area ! For the private beach the price for a daily sunbed rental is 12,5 euros .
In Positanoyou will also find other smaller and less crowded beaches like Fornilio which is  not far from Positano centre !


thinsg to do in positano
You are in the Italian Riviera ! After lying down in your sunbed a beach boy will come to take your order ! You aren’t going to order water or juice , right ? Maybe a glass of cold wine , sounds better ? I know you are going to love it !


positano italy

4)Dinner at Le Sirenuse hotel

One of the most beautiful and luxurious hotels in the whole Amalfi coast , I can understand you might couldn’t afford it as neither did I ,but we can definitely go for a romantic dinner or lunch at the Michelin restaurant La Sponda ! A divine restaurant decorated outside and inside with lemon trees !
Have a romantic dinner at La Sponda restaurant in Positano is a very beautiful experience ! I mean Positano is a luxury destination and that’s something that can’t change . Luxury is a part of Positano so if you really want to truly enjoy Positano you have to stay at nice hotel or at least dine at a fancy restaurant !
Think about it , you and your beloved one enjoying the Mediterranean cuisine while watching the breathtaking view in La Sirenuse hotel ! It’s one of the best things to do in Positano , don’t you think ?

things to do in positano



thinsg to do in positano italy

Oh Positano is full of little galleries with amazing ceramics decorated according to the Italian tradition ! So , that means you will see huge chandeliers with lemons and  flowers , beautiful colorful tables etc. There is so much art hidden in Positano’s little streets and waiting for you to discover it ! Just wake up in the morning and start walking around Positano and you will meet a lot of Galleries in your way !


things to do in positano

Positano is full of clothing shops , souvenir shops , shops that you can buy limoncello and other traditional products  , shops with traditional Italian ceramics ! You know that I’m a fashion blogger but I want to be honest with you , if you have a budget for shopping in Positano invest in ceramics !

shop in positano

missoni boutique in positano

They are so special and beautiful . Especially the majolica ceramics are dazzling ! And of course they are all handmade ! On the other hand you won’t find CHANEL or GUCCI boutiques in Positano but there are many little shops with beautiful creations and of course a MISSONI like beachwear boutique!


things to do in positano

You have probably seen SANTA MARIA’S dome ! It’s this gold dome in the heart of Positano ! A very beautiful picturesque building , perfect for you to spend a little time there to relax and feel how blessed you are that you are in Positano ! It’s a nice small spiritual break from  all the cosmopolitan vibes of Positano !

things to do in positano


things to do in Positano
You are in the Instagram paradise , so it’s not possible not to take some breathtaking shots for Instagram ! I can’t possibly give you the best spots for Instagram in Positano because the whole place is over the top for shooting , so just grab your dslr or iphone and start capturing all the beautiful places and moments !


capri italy
You are very lucky because Capri is oposite Positano! So there are organized daily cruises to take you from Positano to Capri ! Capri is magnificent you are going to fall in love with it without a doubt ! I have already posted a detailed guide about all the things to do in Capri and of course you can read it here !


Also if you are in Positano it is extremely easy to visit Amalfi ! You can get a bus to get there which I don’t recommend you even though it’s the cheapest way , because the buses are tiny and super crowded and the road is full of turns and it is a horrible experience ! The best way is to get a ferry to get there ! By taking the ferry you will see also other villages and beaches across the coastline !

You can find more details about  the routes here !


things to do in capri

In Positano you can rent a boat with or without skipper and have a tour along the coastline and explore the grottos ! The green grotto , white grotto and emerald grotto are absolutely stunning ! You can rent a boat for a whole day for 75 euros per adult without skipper !You can have more informations here !


If you are bored of the Positano’s luxurious and calm vibes I have the most adventurous from all the things to do in Positano , hiking the path of gods ! So Sentiero Degli Dei ( path of gods in Italian ) is a trail with spectacular views of Amalfi coast and it takes around three hours of walking ! It ends up to Noveccele .

Positano is a dreamy place full of amazing  things to do ! I have listed for you some of the top things you can do there but in your trip there , I’m sure you will discover more amazing things to do yourself and I would be very happy if you share those with me ! Just have a small plan and other gorgeous things will come !


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