Things to do in Capri for an unforgettable trip !

Things to do in Capri for an unforgettable trip !
June 3, 2019 closs team
capri italy

Hello guys ! Hope you are doing great ! So , I’m guessing that you are preparing your trip to Capri , right ?And you are searching about all the  things to do in Capri !

So , you came to the right place ! Today we are going to talk about all the things you can do in Capri Italy . Last May I went to Naples for a week and of course I had to spend one day in Capri !

capri italy

Capri is so beautiful ! It’s a little crowded but it’s beauty is so magical ! It’s like you are in an old Hollywood movie . Everything is just perfect ! The breathtaking views , the houses , the crystal clear waters. Capri is a gift of Gods to the world ! But how to enjoy this creation in only 24 hours ? Is it possible ?

capri italy

Well , I did it and I can say for sure that you can as  well ! Now you must be wondering about what things to do in Capri in such short time! Well , during these 24 hours you will get a full taste of Capri ! I agree that if you go there for a week you can live more experiences but one day in Capri is still one day in a dazzling island ! So , don’t underestimate these hours  there , just enjoy the precious time you have there ! Don’t worry , I will show you how !

Now let’s talk about what things to do in Capri Italy.

things to do in capri italy

1) Visit Capri centre

Capri centre is amazing ! It’s so picturesque ! The only way to see the whole beauty of Capri’s centre is to get lost in the tiny streets and explore the real beauty of the place!

Spare one hour in the centre’s streets and enjoy the Italian beauty !There are so many amazing spots there to take incredible Instagram pics ! Have you seen mine ? Check my feed here !

capri italy


capri italy

Capri’s centre has amazing stores to shop ! From all the luxury brands like Dolce&Gabbana , Ferragamo and many more to the amazing traditional Italian ceramics . I have been to a lot of European central streets full of luxury shops but Capri as a shopping destination was the most fascinating to me !

prada in capri


capri centre italy

I think that all this luxurious and special scenery really makes you wanna go shopping , so that’s definitely one of the things to do in Capri !

Don’t forget to buy limoncello or lemon ice cream from the cantines with the lemons ! This is so “Capri” !

So , in Capri’s centre there are 3 basics to do : really wander through the little streets , shop and taste limoncello !

marina piccola capri

2) Relax at Marina Piccola

Now let’s see more things to do in Capri! After your short walk on Capri’s streets you must be tired , right ? Then why don’t you grab a taxi ? Yes , get in one taxi and go to Marina Piccola for sunbathing and swimming at Capri’s crystal clear waters !

If you are reading my posts for a while you probably know that I love only the super clear beaches and Marina Piccola is a proper beach for me !

marina piccola in capri

marina piccola in capri

It’s so beautiful ! But let’s start with the basics , Marina piccola is an icredible beach in Capri that has two sections , the free and the private . The free part is too small and it hasn’t got any sunbeds but it’s perfect if you just want to swim and lay on the sand !

marina piccola capri

The private part is the most beautiful and colorful beach you have ever seen !

The dressing rooms are so beautiful! It’s the ultimate Instagram spot ! Trust me ! You have to pay 40 euros for 2 sunbeds but it’s totally worth it if you really love a good picture ! Also from this beach you can clearly  see the Faraglioni .

faraglioni capri

So , enjoying the Italian sun in such beautiful beach is a total must do in Capri !


3) Walk down via Krupp

You have probably heard before about the famous Via Krupp in Capri . Well Via Krupp is a footpath that connects the Marina Piccola with Augustus Gardens ! So , it’s a perfect walk after your relaxing day at Marina Piccola , don’t you think ?

The view from there is breathtaking ! If you are looking for the best view in Capri , you just found your spot ! You may get a little tired to get up there but it’s definitely worth it ! Trust me !

capri italy

4)Visit Ana Capri

Another thing to do in Capri is visit Ana Capri which is so beautiful . You can get one of the iconic red taxis to get there . A walk down Ana capri’s city centre will fascinate you and will make you feel like a real Italian.

capri italy

Anacapri is more quiet than Capri’s centre , there you can find some quiet alleys . But the beauty is the same ! Both places are picturesque and very beautiful ! So , visiting Ana Capri is a thing you won’t miss!

5) Swim at famous blue grotto

Maybe the most famous spot – activity in Capri island . Blue grotto is a cave reached by boat only . There are a lot of tours  to get there daily ! It’s a very beautiful and romantic experience and you shouldn’t miss it !

The trip to blue grotto most times includes swimming at blue grotto’s amazing  waters and that’s a unique experience ! Just wear your fanciest bikini , your straw bag and get ready for yourself to enjoy this natural beauty !



You are in Italy’s most beautiful island you have the chance to visit Italy’s most famous coast , what are you going to do ? Of course you are going to visit Positano !

I’m pretty sure you have heard about Positano before , right ? Positano is one of the most famous places in the Amalfi Coast and guess what , its 1 hour with the ferry boat from Capri ! So , you can spend 2 hours in the lovely Positano!

Positano is the most picturesque placeI have ever seen , to be honest it looks like an image from a fairytale ! It’s extremely pretty and you will fall in love from the first sight , I promise that !


Capri is a magical Italian island , it’s exactly like what you see in the photos above . Capri is full of beautiful things to do and places to see , I suggested you some things I love doing in Capri and I’m sure there are many many more fascinating things to do in this Italian beauty , but you can always start with this and I’m sure you will discover more ! Start packing ! Oh have you read  my packing guide for Capri ?






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