A guide for your first Chanel shoes : sizing , fitting , purchasing etc. The ultimate Chanel shoe size chart

A guide for your first Chanel shoes : sizing , fitting , purchasing etc. The ultimate Chanel shoe size chart
November 13, 2017 closs team


Hey girls and boys ! How are you doing today ? We had so many shootings for today , I am feeling a little tired right now but writing always relaxes me! So , today we are going to talk about you first CHANEL shoes , sizing , fitting etc. Are you ready to know everything about Chanel shoe size chart ?Are you excited , because I am !

I purchased my first Chanel pair of shoes , 3 years ago . It was a beautiful pair of mules with a giant CC logo on it . I love this pair , actually I’m still wearing it in summer .Back then , I didn’t know a thing about Chanel shoe size chart . If you follow me on instagram , you prapably have seen them , if you don’t make sure to follow  @kiki_x_tarik   and don’t miss a thing !

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I read fashion magazines since I was in high school , my favorite pages still are the ad campaigns , the first pages with all the brands’ photo campaigns  . I love them , I mean it’s the whole runway on a piece of paper . CHANEL have their campaigns in all the big fashion magazines like VOGUE , HARPERS BAZAAR etc. So I used to look at them every single month ! And I was literally in love with them , especially with the shoes . Chanel has the most classic , elegant pairs of shoes . Gucci , Dolce & Gabbana , Zanotti may be more glamorous but CHANEL shoes are unique . I believe that Chanel shoes are forever , I’ve seen pairs that are from collections  20 years ago and they don’t seem old  at all . Double CCs , pearls , two tone  and a lot of black are still  the same !

So , buying a Chanel pair of shoes is definitely an investment . You can even sell it after 10 years and actually get a lot of money back ! Ok , it’s not a Birkin but it’s something classic and elegant that you can wear for years !

You can check at vestiairecollective.com and fashionphile.com the prices for secondhand or vintage Chanel shoes .

''A Birkin bag is a better investment than gold ''

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Let’s say that you haven’t own a pair of Chanel shoes yet and you want to purchase one for yourself because holidays are coming and we must spoil ourselves ,because we work not just 9-5 but 9-11 or to 12 somedays ,  right girls ? So Santa is going to bring you a dreamy  pair from Chanel  , but in your letter you have to help him a little bit , he’s a man , he doesn’t know about Chanel and shoes at all (that’s not true for my man though ;p , he may know even more than me ) . So how is Santa going to choose the right pair ?

Don’t worry , girls , all you need to know about buying your first Chanel shoes is here ! Enjoy it !You will learn everything about Chanel shoe size chart , pricing , fitting etc.


What size should I buy my first Chanel pair ?

What can I say about Chanel sizing ! It’s a little mess  ! I mean that I usually wear 38-39 but in Chanel I wear 40,5 and the weirdest thing is that in a lot of blogs they say that Chanel run big ! That’s no true at all , at least not for me  ! For me Chanel run small , you have to know this before purchasing your first pair !

To be sure , you have to know the insole measurements in cm or inches .

The most important thing about sizing is the insole length . Insole measurements can help you to find the perfect size . First of all , you must know your feet’s length .You can find out what  your feet’s length is  very easily by using a tape measure . My feet are 25 cm and I usually purchase shoes with insole length 25 cm and up . For example , do you remember the chanel pearl mules  from Metiers d’ Art 2015/16 ? If you don’t , take a look below !

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Don’t worry you will learn everything about Chanel espadrilles sizing in a minute .

I’m pretty  sure you remember these beauties  ! These shoes are so iconic ! I was in Paris when I first  saw them in Vogue’s cover ( Gigi Hadid was wearing them ) so first  I purchased the magazine and then the mules !!! Back them I thought I was a 40  in Chanel so I called my sale assistant (Linea Piu boutique , Athens ) and she said that the only  pair  available was a 40,5  so I bought it . Thank God I bought the 40,5 ! I was very lucky , it fits perfect ! The insole measurement of this pair is approximately 26 cm (10,2 in) and its perfect ! My feet is 25cm (9,8 in) but this shoe is pointed so you have to think 1cm additionally for the point . The shoe has length 26 cm (approximately ) but the 1cm in the front is a ”dead zone” , my feet can’t get there  and I think nobody else’s neither  !

Wide or narrow feet ?

This a very important question when it comes to Chanel shoe size chart .Now , I believe that most  of you girls are wondering if Chanel shoes are a good fit for wide feet . I have pretty much wide feet and that’s a problem when I’m into tiny little sandals but it’s not a problem for me when I want to buy Chanel . Let me explain to you in a different way , when I want to buy Louboutins online , usually I  hesitate because they are very narrow ! On the other hand  , when I want to call my Chanel sale assistant to send me a pair my only concern is the availability of my size and not the fitting . So  girls , if you have  wide feet , Chanel shoes are a  very good choice for you , maybe  a little tight (depends on the model ) but you are going to love them .

''For Chanel shoes you should go a size up from your usually size ''

what you need to know before being your first pair of Chanel shoe , sizing , prices , sale and extra tips

Are Chanel shoes comfortable ?

I guess that comfort is your biggest concern ,  I  feel you . All day in the office you need to wear something comfy but you want to be fabulous too , right ? To be honest , the Chanel shoes I have worn so far are comfy but not as comfortable as a pair of Nike trainers or a pair of Gucci marmont mid heels (soon review on these ). Μaybe after 5 hours , you will feel  pain or tight ! But we are talking about 5 whole hours , I have bought shoes that you can’t stand even for 1 hour on ! So, Chanel is a good choice if you are seeking for a comfortable luxury pair of shoes !


I wish I could give you a straight answer on this topic ! Prices start from 500 euros and up . The only Chanel shoe with price around 500 euros I can remember was the kitten heel two tone launched almost 3 years ago ! To be exact , that pair costed 550 euros .

My two tone pearl mules from Metiers d’Art 2015-16  costed 695 euro , while the same mule plus the snake on the heel costed around 1000 euros and the plain mules without the pearl or the snake costed around 550-600 euros .

So , you need to know that , if you want to buy brand new Chanel pair of shoes , you must have a budget over 550 euros .

**If you want to buy a second hand , the  price drops a little bit . Chanel shoes are so highly requested that usually models in very good condition even if they are preloved are sold very close to the original prices . Of course , if they are in fair condition they have a better price . At this point , I want to clear something , vintage doesn’t mean cheap . There are a lot of vintage Chanel and other designer’s shoes that are sold out at the same price as the brand new shoes .Price setting in second hand shoes has to do mostly with their popularity. 


I always believed that Chanel never does sales . I knew that Chanel does private sale events for their elite clients . I couldn’t believe that they do regular  public sales in their stores until last January .We were in  Berlin for fashion week and I was in Kadewe’s first floor and I got into the Chanel store and then I first saw it . Two shelves with shoes on sale from 30-50% off . But don’t  expect to find each season’s famous models like the two tones on sale. Even if they are on sale shelves , the size will be very very small like a 35 or something. Well in that store there was a pair of amazing  chained black boots but the sizes were too small for me and God they had 50%!!!

 So if you’re not looking for a specific model and your size isn’t very common , you may find a beautiful pair on sale !

what you need to know before being your first pair of Chanel shoe , sizing , prices , sale and extra tips

Where should I buy my first Chanel pair ?

My opinion is that you should buy your first pair directly from a Chanel store . Even though I have given you a detailed size guide above , your first pair is better to be purchased from a boutique where you can try it on. You can check your nearest boutique HERE .

But if you think that it’s not necessary , take a look at this post before buying your first pair !

You can comment below if you need more information or even dm on my INSTAGRAM ( @kiki_x_tarik) . Please don’t hesitate  !

So in case you want to buy  Chanel online , your only option is second-hand shops like vestiairecollective.com and fashionphile.com .

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You are going to spend over 500 euros for this pair so it must be something classic . Prefer to buy a two toned pair ! Every season Chanel launches two tones , it’s  the brand’s signature  . So the first pair ,above, may be a little expensive but it is a classic . You can wear it every season without feeling like it’s  ”so last season ” .

But please take a further  look above  , there are so  many gorgeous pairs to choose from ! And when you start , you can’t stop ! There will be a second pair very soon for sure !

Now that you know everything about Chanel shoe size chart , pricing , fitting , etc . Which one will be your first pair ?