GUCCI shoe sizing , pricing , fitting , all you need to know before purchasing!

GUCCI shoe sizing , pricing , fitting , all you need to know before purchasing!
November 24, 2018 closs team
gucci shoes sizing

Hey guys! How are you doing lately? We have a lot of stuff coming on lately and we are so damn excited! But I always have time for a post! So , I am writing this post to relax a little bit and of course, I’m going to talk about Gucci shoes and Gucci shoe sizing!Well, I bought my first GUCCI shoes in 2016, exactly when the trend started. I bought a pair of floral mules for a very good price. They cost me 280 euros!This season there’s a brand new $350 Gucci pair of mules (see here) . Read more about this below.

Also there’s 10% off for your first order right now .Take the deal here.So you can enjoy your new GUCCI pair with 10% off.

The original price was 560 euros!
They were in sale and I bought them for 50 % off!

Wow right!

 Nowadays it is very difficult to find a pair of GUCCI shoes at half price! If you find something like this, you must buy it immediately because someone else will do it instead. The first time I wore them was at Milan Fashion Week . I wore them with a matching floral dress! It was super cute! A total floral outfit! You can see it here !

Buying  Gucci shoes right now is an investment .

You can resale them after a month and get a good amount of money back!!!

 And besides the investment thing, gucci shoes are a huge trend right now. Basically, it’s the hottest thing you can walk on! So you need at least one pair in your wardrobe!

 But before buying a pair ( especially when it’s your first time ) you have to make sure that they are going to fit you perfectly. So like any other brand when buying for the first time, Gucci shoe sizing is a thing to consider before making any purchases!

 Now, you are wondering why shouldn’t you just buy a GUCCI shoe from a  Gucci boutique so you can try it on.

Well, I have 2 reasons why.

First, maybe there is no GUCCI boutique near you or an official retailer.

 And second, you can find a second-hand pair at half price or you can buy a brand new pair on an online retailer on sale !!!

 It’s almost unbelievable to find a Gucci pair on a boutique on sale. But online, you can always get a 10 % off with codes and stuff or more when it’s sale season!

 So, I suggest you to buy online and don’t worry about the ” gucci shoe sizing ” , I’m gonna help you by sharing every experience I had and every detail I know!

 So let’s talk about all the GUCCI shoe sizing details and every detail you need to know before purchasing your first GUCCI pair!

This summer season Gucci launched a rubber pair of heeled mules in vibrant colors . The best part is that these mules cost $350 . It’s the first time Gucci creates the hottest shoe of the summer with this budget friendly price . But these shoes are always sold out , so if you find a pair in your size don’t miss it . See the $350 Gucci mules here.



Do GUCCI shoes run true to size ?

 Well, I have 4 pairs of GUCCI shoes and all of them are 39 European size. I usually wear 39 in most of the designer shoes except for CHANEL shoes that run extremely small and I wear 40 – 41 ( you can also read my detailed guide for buying your first CHANEL pair here ) . So GUCCI shoe sizing is not that much of a big mess. It’s similar to other designer shoes so it’s super difficult to make a huge mistake on GUCCI shoe sizing , and even if you do (almost impossible scenario ) don’t worry, all sites I know except have an easy and quick return policy.
So, yes GUCCI shoes run true to Italian size. For example, the 39 Italian is 40 french and 6 UK.
Take a look at the chart below.





What size should I buy my first GUCCI pair ? What do I need to know about gucci shoe sizing ?

” The most important thing about Gucci shoe sizing (and shoe sizing in general) is the insole length ”

It’s true, the first thing you need to know before buying your first Gucci pair of shoes and every pair is the insole measurements!

 It’s so important! A lot of girls totally ignore this! They don’t even know what that means!
And that’s a big mistake. You can never, ever go wrong with the” insole measurement ”!
So, read carefully!

 First, you have to know your feet’s length in cm or inches. You can do this easily by using a tape measure . My feet measurement is 25 cm so I buy shoes with insole length 25,5 – 26 cm depending always on the type of the shoes .Meaning that , when you buy flat shoes ,you definitely need that plus one centimetre and you might need even more!!! On the other hand, when you buy super high heels i don’t think that you need more than 0,5.

 In Gucci shoe sizing , 39 means 26 cm insole length which is just perfect for me. So the plan is to measure your feet’s length and then find a shoe with an insole 0,5 – 1 cm bigger.





– But how do I know the insole measurement of a GUCCI pair ?

 From my own personal experience and my four wonderful GUCCI pairs, I know that 39 means 26 cm . Also noticed that these pairs are different. They are not the same shoe type and they don’t have the same height, so saying that 39 means 26 cm in gucci shoe sizing is quite reliable!

 But all the beautiful girls out there don’t have the same length like me so I wanted to help you out with your first gucci pair .

 Don’t panic, it’s easier than you think.
Let’s say that you already found the perfect Gucci pair, you can always email the retailer and ask them to tell you the insole measurements. I have done this 100 hundred times or more!!!!

 For example before buying my orange GUCCI Marmont loafers from , I emailed them and asked them to tell me the insole measurements in cm for the specific model. I think they got back to me in less than 24 hours with the measurements. And then I was 100 % sure about the size and I just bought it !

 Even if you would like to buy a second-hand Gucci pair , sizing is not difficult. For example, has a very beautiful and easy customer experience. You can mail them and ask them to tell you the insole measurement of the specific shoes you like.

‘’ So ask the insole measurements before you buy your first GUCCI pair , every decent online store provides a customer service mail or chat where you can ask anything you need‘’


 Ok , now you know your feet’s length and the insole measurement of the Gucci shoes you like, you are almost done! But before clicking the ‘’Accept’’ button we need to talk about the wide or narrow fit and feet!

So , wide or narrow feet ?

Well, I’m a wide feet girl ! I’ve left so many beautiful Louboutins back. And why? Because they are very narrow! But in Gucci,  you’re not gonna have this problem.

 As I already said , I have 4 pairs of GUCCI and all of them fit perfectly. I wear them all day long without any bad moments. And that’s because they aren’t tight! So if you have wide feet it’s more than ok for you to buy a  pair of GUCCI shoes!

 On the other hand, if you have narrow feet, I think that you will be ok as well . You don’t need to go a size down or something. But if you have extremely narrow feet maybe you should go a half size down or better add some extra latex bottoms.

‘’ In Gucci shoe sizing generally it doesn’t matter if you have wide or narrow feet , you should stick with the insole measurement ‘’


 So , to sum up what size you should buy your first pair of GUCCI shoes :
1) Measure your feet’s length in cm
2)Find out the insole length of the shoe you would like to buy by contacting the customer service department or the size charts of the site.
3) Choose a shoe with an insole measurement 1cm bigger than your feet’s lenghth .
4) Generally In Gucci it doesn’t really matter if you have narrow or wide feet. But you should consider going half a size down if you have extremely narrow feet.
5) Buy your first GUCCI pair of shoes and enjoy them!!!!!


Are GUCCI shoes comfortable ?

The most comfortable designer shoes I have ever tried! I love GUCCI shoes for two reasons.

First, the incredible design, and second the comfort. I have walked many kilometers on GUCCI shoes during Fashion Weeks and I was more than ok. Imagine me all day in the streets of London on GUCCI heels running around.

gucci shoe sizing

I need something comfortable and stylish and GUCCI shoes are exactly what I need! I’m telling you, it’s the perfect combination of luxury, style, and comfort! If you want to invest in a pair like this, GUCCI is the answer!

Where should I buy my first  pair of GUCCI shoes from ?

Well , that depends on what type of GUCCI shoes you want to buy.
Would you like to buy a brand new pair or you would like to save a lot of money by buying a second-hand or vintage one?

If you would like to buy a second-hand or vintage one, you can always buy from luxury preloved online stores like and . Now you have to know that vestiairecollective doesn’t have a return policy(only for professional sellers) . You can’t return the product, you can only resale it on the site. But you can always leave a comment below the product to the seller and ask them to tell you the exact insole length and other details.

If you are more traditional and you want to buy a new one, you can always shop from sites like , , etc.

Are GUCCI shoes on sale ?

If you are planning to buy them from a GUCCI boutique, I think it’s hard to find them on sale. Maybe during sale period but I’m not sure again and only for a little discount.

So almost the only way to buy a gucci pair of shoes on sale is online. The biggest sale is on second-hand or vintage pairs. And you don’t have to worry about the authenticity because sites like and guarantee the product’s authenticity and have the best insiders to check the products.

‘’ Authenticity in established  online second hand retailers is not a problem anymore ‘’

How much will a  pair of  GUCCI shoes cost me ?

Again, it depends on what you would like to buy.
You could find a wonderful , stylish vintage pair for 180 euros or even less . But, if you would like to buy a pair from the GUCCI new era by Alessandro Michele you need more than 500 euros, right now .

And if you buy it second hand you need more than the half money. So 35o and up.
But , you need to know that GUCCI increased the prices this year! Oh yes ! This September I was in Paris for the Fashion Week and on my last free day there I went to a GUCCI boutique to try some new mules. There I saw a pair of classic flat mules that last year cost 450 euros now were 500 euros! OMG! So girls hurry!

‘’ The sooner you buy your first GUCCI pair the better price you will get ‘’

So, guys if you are planning to buy your first GUCCI pair of shoes, now it’s the best time to do it! You see that GUCCI shoe sizing is not a problem, especially if you follow my tips you will not have any bad situation! It’s almost Christmas, and sometimes its good to spoil ourselves with an expensive gift! And second, these shoes are the hottest trend out there and their prices will go up again real soon! So, now is your chance !!!

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