Jacquemus Le Chiquito Review – All You Need To Know

Jacquemus Le Chiquito Review – All You Need To Know
March 26, 2020 closs team

This is the ultimate Jacquemus le chiquito  review .You will read everything you need to know about the famous micro bag.

This little beauty that has stolen your heart is made by the upcoming designer Simon Porte Jacquemus and has become one of the biggest trends out there.

It has been worn by all the fashion community, even Kim Kardashian has already worn it. So it’s fresh , new, and super trendy and we definitely want it in our closets.

All of you are wondering what’s the actual size of this bag, what you can fit in, the price, and all this stuff. So, in this post, we are going to analyze all you need to know for the Jacquemus le Chiquito bag.

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So , let’s start with the ultimate

                   Jacquemus le Chiquito review

1)What’s the size of the Jacquemus mini bag ?

The exact size of the Jacquemus mini bag is H: 19cm / 7.4in (including the handle) , L:12cm / 4.7in , W:6cm / 2.3in .

To be honest it is a tiny little bag. Maybe it will be the tiniest bag you are going to buy ever.It’s more like an accessory than a bag.

I mean that it’s not a bag with the classic meaning. So, now you are wondering what you could fit in this bag? Don’t worry guys because I’m going to answer this question right after.


2) What can I fit in the Jacquemus mini bag ?

That’s a tough question, guys. You have probably seen this bag so many times on Instagram that you have already noticed that it’s super tiny.

So, you might be thinking that you can’t fit anything in this bag but that’s not 100% true.
Seriously, when I bought it I thought that I bought an insanely beautiful but useless bag but that’s not completely true.

Obviously, you can’t fit any smartphone in the Jacquemus mini bag but you can  fit in your lipstick ( not a gloss) , some cash, credit cards and keys.

I have fitted all these things in my Jacquemus le chiquito bag myself ! I know it’s very important in 2020 to fit your smartphone in your bag, but we have to skip that if we want to be stylish.

jacquemus le chiquito review

3) What’s the Jacquemus mini bag’s price?

The price of the Jacquemus le Chiquito bag is around $550. Maybe it sounds a lot to you but believe me it’s a budget friendly trendy designer bag !

Two years ago I bought the baby Dior Diorama bag and I paid more than $1000 ! So , yes 440 euros are ok for a super trendy micro bag .

Micro bags are so hot right now that you should have at least one in your closet . So , for me it’s better to spend $550 for a mini bag than $1000 . So for me the Jacquemus mini bag has a very good price for a luxury – trendy micro bag . One last thing about the price of this bag is that it’s not going to reduce it’s only going to go higher , as you know it is so fresh and trendy !!! So , if you are interested in this beautiful bag , you need to hurry !!!!!

4) Where should I buy the Jacquemus mini bag from ?

Usually, under this question, I start with the phrase it depends. For this bag, I’m not sure if I could say the same! Now you are wondering why !!

Well, this is a super new design so it’s very difficult to find it in a second-hand store for much less than the original price. I’ve checked vestiairecollective.com and some of them are even more expensive than the new ones !!

Therefore, the other option is an official online retailer.

So , it’s available on farfetch.com , modaoperandi.com , ssense.com etc. It’s a very famous model so it’s almost available in every luxury online retailer.

5)Is the Jacquemus le chiquito bag on sale ?

Well, nowadays you can find every item on sale online. And possibly this little bag.

In many online retailers you can get a 10% off on your first order. Even if the bag isn’t on sale , or it’s not a sale period you can always use sale codes! Always works!

And that’s a reason why I buy most of my luxury items online , because in Harrods you can’t get a 10% off !

But when a top wanted piece like this micro bag is on sale you should hurry because it will be sold in the next few minutes. If you are hunting luxury items on sale for a while you understand me right now. Luxury and trendy items on sale can be found but they are getting sold so quickly.

So , when I find a piece I really want, I buy it immediately because it will get sold immediately!

6)How can I wear the Jacquemus le chiquito bag?

The best part about this bag is that you can wear it in three different ways.

First, you can use its a long strap and wear it as a super cute cross-body bag . The best part about the strap is that it’s made to be worn as a belt too! That’s so cool because you have a belt bag at the same time!

And you already know how hot the belt bags are, right?

Also, you can wear it as a top handle bag. This is my favorite way to wear this bag, I find it a very stylish way to wear a micro bag!
For me, le Chiquito bag is perfect for every style and season. I have worn it with my furry coats in the winter and with my kaftans during summer. So, it’s a bag for every season that you can wear almost with everything. It’s a piece that adds stylish vibes to your look. So, for me, this bag can only upgrade a look!

7)Is Jacquemus le chiquito bag worth it ?

The Jacquemus ”mania” started back in 2018 and it hasn’t faded since now. So, it’s a trendy bag that maybe become classic over time. It’s not something practical at all. This depends on how much you appreciate the aesthetic value of an item. Because Jacquemus le Chiquito bag has some serious aesthetic value. So, for me, it’s worth it ! What about you? After, reading this Jacquemus le Chiquito review you think that it worth it?


We talked a lot for a very trendy and famous bag . We analyzed its price , size and so many other things . I believe now you have all the knowledge you need in order to purchase this little baby bag ! And don’t forget that for this item the sooner the better . The price will never get lower , it will only go up ! So , if you want this luxury item to your bag collection , hurry up and get a better price!

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jacquemus le chiquito review

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