Vestiaire Collective Review – What You Need To Know Before Buying

Vestiaire Collective Review – What You Need To Know Before Buying
March 22, 2020 closs team

Second hand and vintage have been in almost every fashionista’s closet ! Shopping vintage is not only the cheapest way to buy luxury designer stuff like Chanel and Dior , but also a way to upgrade your style and everyday outfits in a trendy yet unique way! So that’s why I wanted to make a Vestiaire Collective review , the best source for second hand and vintage luxury shopping!!

I have said this again , but have you ever wondered why most of Kylie Jenner’s bags are vintage ? For sure it’s not because the young billionaire can’t afford brand new bags ! Vintage bags and other stuff are unique and different  and so they make your looks different as well !

You aren’t the rich lady with all the brand new Gucci bags but you are the stylish girl who really loves fashion and style !

So , in our way to find this vintage treasures that will rock our style , we stop into and that’s what this vestiairecollective review is for ! Also , you will read if is vestiairecollective legit ?


**This review is based on my personal experience shopping from the platform **

vestiaire collective review

-What is ?

Vestiaire is an online platform where you can sell and buy preowned luxury designer handbags , shoes , clothing and accessories !

It’s not exactly like a usual vintage online store because the selling and buying  is based on it’s users ! So , that sounds to you like ebay or depop  or something , right ?

Well , there’s a difference that made this platform  so famous among the fashionistas around the world so quickly! All the items are checked and authenticity guaranteed by vestiairecollective’s  team of in-house experts.

They also check that  the stuff that will come to you is the same stuff that you ordered and that the condition of the items is matching the one indicated by the seller on the website ! But lately gives you the option to pass all these control thing so you will not be charged the authentication fees and the extra transfer money. This is only for their trusted seller’s products .

-Is legit? is legit. It’s a shopping platform where you can sell and buy second-hand and vintage pieces. With an extra charge ( around $15) , vestiaire’s expert team can authenticate your product before arrive to you. Therefore, you will be sure that the product you bought is not a scam.


-What can I buy from ?

Literally everything ! From women’s , men’s , kid’s fashion, jewellery , homewear and so many other categories I can’t even think about !

Maybe you believe that vestiarecollective is all about vintage 2.55 chanel bags but it’s far more!

From vintage Dior wedding dresses ,  5ct diamond engagement rings to a very rare chanel figurines, vestiaire collective is all about finding luxury rare items!! So now you see the vestiaire collective review importance and why you really need to know about this online paradise!!!!


-Why  shopping  from ?

From my own experience this platform offers a huge range of preloved luxury items .

For example you can find the new Gucci bag that’s right now in Gucci’s new bond street window and a very rare Chanel bag , things that are either sold out everywhere else or are extremely expensive and you can find them for a better price! You can choose among hundreds of thousands of luxury items !

The platform claims that most of the items are 70 % off their original prices !

Well , from my personal shopping experience , that’s mostly true ! gives you the opportunity to buy your dreamy luxury items in truly lower prices !

You have the option to get your item under vestiairecollective’s expert team check control .

The quality and especially the authentication will be checked by its experts ! Nowadays after all the scandals we have heard about famous secondhand retailers and fake bags , we have to be careful ! And vestiaire collective provides us with this guarantee.

-Why not shopping from

First , it takes time, some times a lot . You need to know this . It will take about 10-15 days to receive your item from . Why is this happening ? Because the item is not shipped directly to you , first stops to Paris at vestiairecollective’s headquarters to pass through quality control ! So , you have to be really patient and wait for the seller to send the item to vestiaire collective , then for the site to check the item and the for them to ship it to you !

The photos aren’t taken by professionals with studio lighting but in home light with smartphones ! So there may be differences mostly about the colors of the products . It’s not a big deal of course , but it may cause some misunderstandings . Dark brown sometimes looks like black or burgundy  , well most of the sellers write down the exact color at description but it’s a thing ! Also you may not notice some little scratches or discolorations or loss of shape , but you can always ask the seller for further details or close up pictures. Nonetheless , vestiaire collective is still the best for online preowned and vintage luxury shopping regarding the very good bargains you may strike if you’re lucky or fast !!! So in this vestiaire collective review you also read the downsides and then it’s up to you either you wanna try this experience or not.

-How to start shopping from ?

First of all to start shopping at vestiaire , you have to register as a member , it’s totally free !

You can shop via their site or their app . I prefer the app , I find so much easier to use!

Then you start searching ! You have also three options to save the items you really like. You can either favorite an item  ( the red heart <3) , put it to your wishlist or add it to the basket ! I usually use the favorites because its just a small heart in the upper corner of all products’  pictures .

Also you have the opportunity to negotiate the product’s price with the seller. How cool is this right!!!

You just need to touch the make an offer button ! The lowest price you can offer is 30 % off the product’s  price indicated by the seller , and I recommend you to start with that !

You have up to three times  to make different offers per negotiation and 24 hours to buy the product if any of your offers has been accepted by the seller ! Plus , you can comment above any product and ask directly the seller any question !

The basket process is simple enough and it also contains an ‘’add a coupon code’  section . It sounds pretty classic to me !

  • Does Vestiairecollective make sales ?

Well , a lot of them ! Vestiairecollective is designed to offer you the lowest price possible !

I mean the ‘’ make an offer ‘’ option , the coupon codes and all the sales are meant to do this ! If there’s something I absolutely adore at vestiairecollective is the sales and prices in general!

You can get a reduced price all the time of the year !

And the coupon codes , I absolutely love them ! But how do you find them ? Well most of them will come into your inbox in a vestiaire’s mail but you must also search for them on Google! To help you out I have the best vestiaire’s coupon codes right here  in this post ! See!! This vestiaire collective review also helps you get some good deals !!

-Is Vestiaire collective worth the hype ?

Vestiarecollective is one of the biggest second hand shopping platforms in the fashion industry right now . So , it must somehow worth the hype right !

Personally , I have trusted Vestiaire so many times and I will definitely shop again and again .

I love all these sales and the bargains, the fact that you can find super unique stuff in very low prices  and the control pass make me feel “safe” !

No one wants to spend 2000 euros in a fake chanel bag ! So , yes vestiarecollective is worth the hype !

I really hope this Vestiaire Collective review was helpful to you and I wish to have the best shopping!!!


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