Santorini Outfits To Die For- What To Wear In Santorini

Santorini Outfits To Die For- What To Wear In Santorini
August 14, 2019 closs team

Hello guys ! How are you doing ? Hope you are great ! I mean  how else would you feel , you are searching for what to wear in Santorini ?You are looking for santorini outfits , you must feel so excited! Well ,  I will help you with your santorini outfits for your trip to the enchanting island of Greece !

Let’s start with a cliché , Santorini is purely magical ! It’s an extremely beautiful island with breathtaking views and luxury accommodations ! Sounds like a paradise to your ears ? Well , it is ! You should be more than excited that you are going to visit this beautiful island ! But in such a beautiful island , we should look your best , don’t you think ? Imagine all these Instagram photos are you going to take , you should think carefully what to wear in Santorini!!Your santorini outfits should be perfect !

Don’t panic ! It’s easier than you think to pack the right things and look fabulous in this amazing Greek island !

Υou don’t need to pack a hundred pieces from your closet in order to create nice and airy santorini outfits , you just need the right stuff with you ! And because I have done a lot of trips and I have packed a lot of clothes , shoes and stuff , I’m sure I can tell you what to wear in Santorini ! I have been 2 or 3 times in Santorini so I have a little experience on what you really need !

So , let’s start with what to wear in Santorini

First of all I want to clear up something about the weather . I guess that you will visit Santorini between April and October , right ? Usually in Greece and  Santorini  the weather is generally good during these months ! There will be some bad days with a little rains and clouds in the start ( April-May) and some at the end (late September – October) but ,as I said ,you’ll probably face some pretty good weather ! That’s why you are heading to one of the most beautiful islands of the world !So , you aren’t going to need coats or boots , just a light cardigan and some sneakers if you are heading there at the start or at the end of the season.

‘’If you are going April-May or  September-October, you should pack with you a light cardigan a pair of leather sneakers and a small umbrella for the rainy days  ‘’

what to wear in santorini

Now we can move on to the beautiful things!!!!


You are going to one of Greece’s most beautiful islands without a beautiful straw hat ? That’s not possible ! You will need a hat not only for the style of it but so you don’t burn from the hot Greek sun ! After the rise of the Jacquemus  , hats have become maybe the most needed fashion accessory for summer ! And I totally agree with this ! There’s no other accessory that can change outfit like this ! A nice , fresh hat will reborn all your santorini outfits! Plus it will protect you from the hot sun !

And now you can have a stylish hat even if you can’t afford a Jacquemus or Maison Michel! There are a lot of affordable and super stylish hats out there that you don’t need to break the bank !But if you can afford the luxury one , I totally suggest you to go for it ! Not only because of the brand name but of the quality and the duration ! But anyways you should pack with you a nice straw hat !


what to wear in santorini


Santorini like any other Greek island can be super hot especially during the high season so you don’t want any trousers or jeans under this heat , right ? A nice airy dress would be perfect ! You are going to look very feminine and chic and at the same time you will feel comfortable too! Heat in the Greek islands is not something to underestimate ! You will need light clothes so your skin can breathe during the day !Look at me at this photo , I’m wearing this airy white dress and my beautiful straw hat and I really feel perfect ! I couldn’t imagine myself wearing jeans and a t-shirt! It would be a disaster ! So when thinking of what to wear in Santorini  , your first option should a nice summery dress!! A summery dress is a must for your santorini outfits packing list.


‘’Light fabrics , colors and nice femine airy patrons is the perfect combination on what to wear in Santorini ‘’




Now you are wondering if there’s any actual difference between an airy dress and a kaftan? Well , I can tell you for sure that there is !  Kaftans are usually lighter than dresses and more transparent ! Also , kaftans most times have long sleeves to protect you from the sun and give you some extra style !So , why you need to wear kaftans in Santorini ?To be honest , because I love the way they look on the photos especially if they have nice big sleeves and because they are extra airy and light to spend your day in the magical island of Santorini ! It’s perfect to wear them to the beach or at your cave house for the breakfast and for a nice morning walk in Oia ! Still wondering what to wear in Santorini, KAFTANS!!!! You can easily create the perfect santorini outfits with a kaftan!

what to wear in santorini






In what else can you carry your beach towel , your book , beach essentials and so many other things you need for your day in Santorini ? Only a big straw bag or maybe a basket bag is always the best choice !I love them, you know why ? Because you can carry a ton of things and still have plenty of space for some more and be in style at the same time . Also these bags will upgrade any of your santorini outfits ! I mean it’s one of my top tricks to transform a nice summer outfit to a stylish outfit with character !So , straw bags or baskets are practical and very stylish ! The perfect addition to any outfit you  wear in Santorini !


what to wear in santorini


I couldn’t imagine myself in heels walking in Santorini ! It’s super impractical and to be honest I don’t like it aesthetically either ! You are in a beautiful island , you should feel and look relaxed at the same time   ! How’s this possible if you are wearing high heels ? Well , it’s not !And in 2019 all the designers have launched so many amazing flats in wonderful colors and designs !

So , you don’t need to wear heels to look flawless anymore ! During summer I wear flats almost everyday and I love it ! It looks very stylish with my outfits and I am very comfy for my everyday summer walks around the island !So , for your trip to Santorini you will definitely need a pair of fancy flats ! Try a pair of nice and colorful mules or you can always invest in an all time flat like a Chanel espadrille ! Take a look below and get inspired !



We almost forgot the most important of all ! You will need some swimsuits for Santorini ! What are you going to wear for the private pool  in your beautiful cave house with the breathtaking view of the Aegean ? You will need beautiful swimsuits to enjoy your private paradise or Santorini’s beautiful waters at her divine  beaches !If you are fan of bikinis , then pack more bikinis but I insist to pack with you at least one one-piece !And you know why ? Because you can tie your sarong around your waist and just go out !  That’s why I love one pieces because they are almost ready to go outfits !So , pack your favorite bikinis , because you need to get tanned but don’t forget to take with you a beautiful  one-piece ! You aren’t going to regret this ! What to wear in santorini , a stunning one-piece for the most stylish santorini outfits!!!





I know you have heard about sarongs above but I believe sarongs deserve their own listing !You aren’t going to go to Santorini without a sarong in your luggage ! You will wear it with your swimsuit and you will be ready to enjoy your breakfast next to the private pool in your room ! Or it will be perfect for a nice and quick walk in Oia or Imerovigli ! For a sarong is the number one thing you should carry with you not only for Santorini but for every summer destination !Thank God there are so many sarongs out there in amazing and colorful designs and there is also a huge price range so you can choose from the very beautiful sarongs that cost 15 euros to the very luxury that costs 350 euros for example !


what to wear in santorini


Cyclades can be very windy even if it’s summer season ! So , don’t forget to pack with you a nice light white cardigan so you can match it with your airy dresses and kaftans ! You will need it only for the nights, during the day it’s so hot ! In the evening it gets a little windy so you will feel better with a nice  light cardigan around you !




I am kind of girl that loves to wear dresses and kaftans but this doesn’t mean that you feel the same way ! So , if you don’t want to wear only kaftans and dresses in Santorini there’s another airy and stylish option for you ! Crops tops and skirts or pants/shorts! A nice tiny crop top with a wrap skirt or wide pants would be the perfect combination for your romantic dinner in Imerovigli, don’t you think ?You can also wear a co ord  set! If you follow me on Instagram for a while you have probably noticed that I am huge fan of co ords ! It’s perfect  to wear the same top and bottom ! I think it looks much more expensive and chic! We are living the era of the crop tops and I think that no woman can resist one !




We’ve only spoken about nice and airy clothes ! What about the accessories ! I may have  left them last but not least ! You need some accessories to make your appearances unique and fashionable , to give a character to your whole outfit !Trust me it’s nothing ! It’s the easy part ! The only thing you will need is a pair of nice pearl or gold earrings , a nice or maybe two tiny gold necklaces with little pendants and some thin and delicate bracelets ! And voila you have changed your whole look ! And if we don’t speak about cartier or tifanny this is a budget friendly addition to your outfit !I suggest you to go for gold tone accessories because I really love the way they look with the tanned skin !

So , I have found for you some of my favorites gold accessories for your trip in Santorini and generally for summer ! It’s an everyday must for me ! You will give little money and you are going to get back so much satisfaction every time you see yourself in the mirror! This kind of accessories will be your style savior for very summer . So when you’re thinking what to wear in Santorini , don’t forget your gold jewelry!


what to wear in santorini

I hope that I really helped you to find out what to wear in Santorini ! I gave you a simple guide with simple clothes , nothing too complicated ! All the clothes I suggested you match perfect with Santorini’s weather so you will feel nice and cool ! You will look amazing , fresh like you walk out from a magazine  in real time and on Instagram ! Because Instagram is a part of our everyday life and we have to rock it right! So , what are you waiting for ? First you have to do some shopping and then prepare your luggage! You will create the most dazzling santorini outfits !

If you have any questions or anything you want to share with me you can contact me on Instagram here !!! 











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