How often you should clean your beauty blender

How to clean your beauty blender simple
October 20, 2017 closs team
how often you should clean your beauty bleneder
Hey guys ! Hope you having a perfect time ! I would like to thank you for all the support ! I have started some beauty series on my INSTAGRAM stories lately , a few days ago I made a video putting my favorite KAT VON D lipstick on while wearing a night mask . It was epic ! Don’t  feel bad if you missed it , another one will come up soon  ,the only thing you have to do is to check my INSTAGRAM everyday and stay tuned ! A lot of you have asked me why I don’t start a youtube channel . I want to be honest with you guys , since I was a little girl I was watching youtube videos and tutorials and that made me to actually love youtube , but right now I want to focus on my blog and instagram . I believe that these insta stories are a very good start  to strengthen our ”relationship”. Many of you have me in your minds as a style/fashion bloggers only and that’s not true . My first love in high school was make up but then I discovered CHANEL bags , ok ;P ! So  lovelies , now let’s talk  about our topic ! Make up , beauty products , gorgeous faces , we love all these but they don’t come alone , there’s cleaning too . Cleaning your make up tools is the most important part of your beauty routine . I know it’s so boring doing that , I feel the same way ! But believe me it is super important !  

Why is so important to clean my beauty blender ?

Because of germs . Germs include bacteria , viruses and protozoa . Some of them can actually cause acne or if you have already a pimple they can infect it . Think about this , you are sick or you apply make up without washing your hands first so all the germs will go straight to your face and on your beauty blender . And the next day you will infect  your skin further by using the same beauty blender . It’s a germ cycle . But I want to make  clear to you that not all germs are ”harmful” , our skin has a specific bacteria ”flora” .

How much time it takes to clean a beauty blender ?

It’s boring , I know ! But if you stick with this you will see some important changes on your face . And it only will take 5-10 minutes of your day .

What products should I use to clean a beauty blender ?

Beauty blenders are sponges , right ? And sponges are designed to absorb . So , it would be much better to deeply clean this tool . In the market you can find a lot of products like cleansing sprays , I love them , I use them but not for real cleaning . I use them often to conserve the actual result . So , its better to use something liquid . And of course you can spray your beauty blender 2-3 times per week to make sure it is super clean .

How do I clean my beauty blender using a liquid cleanser ?

You will need
  • A liquid cleanser ( take a look above )
  • A medium bowl
  • Hot water

Fill your bowl with 2-3 cups of hot water and then add a half cup of your liquid cleanser . Submerge it in the water and start to gently squeeze and compress the blender so it creates a lather. The water should start to change color. Rinse the beauty blender until the water runs clear when squeezed out.    


How often should I clean my beauty blender ?

  Once a week would be perfect ! Make the beauty blender cleansing your Sunday morning habit ! Your face will thank you for this !  

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  1. Lamees Helal 7 years ago

    Oh! Thank you so much for all of this information. I will look for these products as soon as possible as i wash my beauty blenders with shower gels

  2. Talha Rizvi 7 years ago

    Nice Information. Thanks for this Kind Information.

  3. Kalyani 7 years ago

    You wouldn’t believe how many people don’t realize all the gross icky things that are crawling all over our beauty products. So glad you posted this, it really helps younger girls become more “aware” of whats going onto their face besides just their makeup products. I hate it when people claim that a product broke them out, when the makeup artist that put the product on them hadn’t even cleaned their brushes in 6 months :/ :/ :/

  4. Anissa 7 years ago

    Thanks for sharing! First time I’ve heard of it!

  5. roamy 7 years ago

    Hi there
    Thanks for sharing, it`s not surprising that my face looks like someone threw grit on me.After reading your post, I tried hard to think when I last cleaned my makeup brushes or my mascara wand, and the answer surprised me “NEVER”
    Dont tell anyone I said that.After reading your post, I`ll sure start taking more care of my makeup blender.Thanks so much for sharing

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