How To Glow Up For Summer -The Ultimate Summer Glow Up Checklist

How To Glow Up For Summer -The Ultimate Summer Glow Up Checklist
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Are you wondering how to glow up for summer? Well, summer days and vacation are around the corner, and we should glow ourselves up as soon as possible! So, who’s ready for a summer glow-up checklist! I believe that we all desperately need a summer glow up to tone our body, skin, and mind!

Glowing yourself isn’t something you should do for summer or your vacation only, it should be your lifestyle instead! You deserve to feel and look your best anytime.
So, let’s get started with how to glow up for summer!

The ultimate Summer glow checklist.


We spend so much money monthly on fancy moisturizing products (blame me too), and we forget to do the cheapest and most effective thing of all, to drink water!

La Mer ( even if it costs you your rent) isn’t going to work unless you hydrate your body by simply drinking at least 2L of water daily. If you achieve this, then you will see your skin and body glow! You will be able to glow up your face and lose some weight ( if you desire that).

So, girls, I know that you love to spend your paycheck at Sephora ( I do too) but, you should buy first this water bottle on Amazon that will help you stay motivated and drink the daily amount of water you need. This purchase will be even better than your La Mer moisturizer, trust me.

2. Don’t forget your sunscreen

Sun damage and aging are real, more real than you can imagine. Your skin could age ahead of its time and look dull and unhealthy because of UV rays.

The most effective way to save your skin from these damaging and dangerous rays is a broadspectrum sunscreen that will keep your face safe from the UVA and UVB rays.

One of the best broadspectrum sunscreens is the Drunk Elephant Umbra Tinted Sunscreen and it’s available on SEPHORA.COM.

3. Face masks are your new best friend -twice a week

Getting a facial at a salon isn’t always on our checklist because of the price and the amount of free time we have. However, if you don’t want to spend $100 on a professional facial, you can always buy your self-face masks.

Try on applying a face mask twice a week, and your skin will thank you later! You can combine cleansing /exfoliating face masks and deeply hydrating for the other day, the results will blow your mind!

SEPHORA has an amazing selection of face masks (it’s like dreamland) , you can check them all here .


Working out, going to the gym (in fancy lululemons workout sets ), or attending pilates and yoga class is trendy not just for being trendy, but because they could change your body outside and inside.

Toning your body, before summer and bikini season should be on your list, not only because you are going to look your best, but because it’s going to tone up (except your booty) your confidence as well.

If you manage to fit 3-5 workout sessions into your weekly schedule, then you will glow up your body for summer.


Adopting a clean healthy meal plan that you can actually follow will change your skin’s quality and appearance drastically. We are what we eat, so try to eat more vegetables, protein, healthy fats, and fruits!

Try to contain sugar and junk food as much as possible, and your skin will thank you for this!

This cookbook on AMAZON is exactly what you need !


Establishing a haircare routine should definitely be on your summer glow-up checklist. Hair is the second more important thing after your face when it comes to how to glow up for summer.

A good way to start is by trimming your dead ends. Your new glowing self needs only healthy and shiny hair. After getting rid of the dead hair, then you should think about investing in hair care products that work! For example, the Olaplex series and especially the Olaplex No 3 ( $28 at Sephora is one of the best hair care series you can find.


It doesn’t matter, if you have natural nails or acrylics just try to have them always look perfect! Treat yourself to a nail salon visit at least once a month and enjoy glowing nails!

All is on the details, so having fabulous nails is on your summer glow-up checklist!


Do you remember how beautiful Sleeping Beauty was? Well, the girl was gorgeous. Can you guess why? She slept for years, and you can have the same glowing skin with 8 hours of beauty sleep daily!


Do you know how easy and life-changing at the same time is a daily 10 min meditation? Trust me, meditating is the fastest way to achieve a much-needed mental glow-up.

There are so many free guided meditation videos on YOUTUBE for you to choose what suits you better! Check my favorites here!

Well, now you know how to glow up for summer and you even have a summer glow-up checklist to follow! So, what are you waiting for? Start the glowing up process as soon as possible!