The Ultimate Alaia Heart Bag Review You Need To Read

The Ultimate Alaia Heart Bag Review You Need To Read
alaia heart bag


If you love the Alaia heart bag, you are not alone. This bag became the ”it-bag” status in no time, and we are all obsessed with it.
Alaia, a brand known for its classic and timeless appeal, rarely sees its bags reach such heights of popularity. This is a truly exceptional occurrence.

But, this time, Alaia heart bags made our hearts ”fly.” From list celebrities to Instagram it-girls, this bag is the new hottest fashion addiction, and it could deserve a place in our wardrobes.

So, if you are considering buying this bag, read this detailed review below. We have all the details you need before deciding if it deserves $1,290 and a place in your bag collection.

So, let’s read the most detailed Alaia Heart bag review!


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What’s the Alaia heart bag size? 

The Alaia heart bag is available in one size . The dimensions are : 

  • Min. Strap Length: 68cm / 26.8in

  • Handle Drop: 52cm / 20.5in

  • Depth: 2cm / 0.8in

  • Max. Strap Length: 132cm / 52in

  • Height: 18cm / 7.1in

  • Width: 21cm / 8.3in


2. How much does an Alaia heart bag cost?

The Alaia heart bag (brand new) costs from $1,290-$3,800, according to NET-A-PORTER.COM.

3. Where to buy the Alaia heart bag? 

The Alaia heart bag is available in almost all luxury retailers like NET-A-PORTER.COM(10% off with sign up), MYTHERESA.COM, FARFETCH.COM, etc.

If you would like to buy it secondhand and save some money, you can always check

However , due to the bag’s current status, there are only a few available in the second-hand market, and the prices  are quite similar with the retail price . 

alaia heart bag

4. What’s the material?

The Alaia heart bag is made of  calf leather .

5. How’s the Alaia heart bag inside and outside?

This Alaia bag has a unique heart shape and a compact interior to fit your essentials . The bag also comes with an adjustable strap (min. Strap Length: 68cm / 26.8in , max. Strap Length: 132cm / 52in ).

6. What can an Alaia heart bag can fit in?

This Alaia shoulder bag is a statement bag with a unique shape that hasn’t any real capacity . You can  carry your Iphone pro , a card holder lipstick and keys. 

alaia heart bag review

7. What color should I choose?

From classic red to metal gold and silver , there are so many colors options for the Alaia heart bag. Personally , I would buy this bag in a bold color like red , pink, or blue .

But always, you should choose the color according to your style’s and closet’s needs .

8.Is the Alaia heart bag a classic?

The Alaia heart bag is a statement bag that became popular very quickly . It’s unique shape bag that could stay as a classic bag rather as fading trend . 

9. Is the Alaia heart bag worth it?

Nowadays, when it comes to high end designer bags , buying a trendy bag from a fashion house for less than $1,500 is a steal . I know that this sounds overwhelming but unfortunately, we are in the 10k designer bag era . 

Alaia heart bag review

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Alaia heart bag review



Alaia heart bag review



Alaia heart bag review