Is Prada Cheaper In Italy ? Read This Before You Buy

Is Prada Cheaper In Italy ? Read This Before You Buy
Is Prada cheaper in Italy


If you are wondering, if Prada is cheaper in Italy, you are in the right place. We know everything about Prada prices in Italy, and we are ready to share it all with you.

Prada is a brand we love not only for its exquisite handbags and leather goods but also for its whole ready-to-wear collection. The brand is luxurious, and all its products are made with the finest materials and the most excellent craftsmanship. So, the prices are also luxurious.

Prada’s birthplace is Italy, and 99% of its products are manufactured there. So, it makes sense that Prada prices in Italy would be different.



Is Prada cheaper in Italy?

Prada goods are generally cheaper not only in Italy but in all European countries.

The prices are from 15% to 26% less than in the United States and the TAX REFUND isn’t included. So, this percentage will be even less if you add the tax refund.

For example, the PRADA re-edition bag costs 950 euros in Italy, which is 1051 United States dollars. However, the price tag on this bag is $1250 in the US.

So, if you shop for this bag in Italy, you will pay $199 less, and you will get an extra 12%–15% refund of the amount you spent if you apply for a tax-free. Well, this is a total savings of $325 if you shop the Prada re-edition in Italy!

In the chart below, you will see the price differences between Italy (and the whole of Europe) and the US for Prada’s most coveted bags.


How much is the tax refund?

Well, the tax refund is between 12% to 15% of the amount you spend.

Usually, your sales associates will ask you if you want tax-free and she will help you fill the forms you need to show at the airport. But, you can always ask for a refund yourself, if they forget to mention it.

Also, the minimum purchase threshold is 154.95 EUR, which isn’t an issue when you are shopping at PRADA.

Is Prada cheaper in Italy


What other luxury brands are cheaper in Italy?

In case you aren’t a ”Prada girl”, there are other designer brands that are manufactured in Italy and their prices are lower than in the United States. Gucci, Saint Laurent, and Versace are some of the top designer brands that you can enjoy at lower prices when you are shopping in Italy.

So, if you are visiting Europe soon, then I suggest you make your Prada shopping there because in some cases (like the PRADA moon bag ) you can save up to $1000 including the tax refund!

Is Prada cheaper in Italy