These Are The 7 Best Sites To Rent Designer Bags

These Are The 7 Best Sites To Rent Designer Bags
sites to rent designer bags



Are you looking for the best sites to rent designer handbags? Well, we have found the best sites to rent designer purses for you. Bags are a big part of the fashion industry. So many expensive designer handbags become trendy every six months.

So, unless you are Kylie Jenner is almost impossible to catch up with all these trendy designer handbags. On the other side even if you aren’t a girl who loves trends and you wish for a classic handbag like a Chanel classic flap($8000) bag or a Hermes Birkin($12000), then you should consider renting one first to see if it suits your style and worths the price.
Anyways, renting a designer purse could help you add a very special accessory to any look! So, let’s see the best sites to rent designer handbags.



Vivrelle is a fashion club where members can rent designer purses and jewelry. Currently, the website offers four memberships the premier, Classique, couture, and couture plus. The premier membership allows you to rent jewelry (up to $1000 retail price) for $39 a month.

On the other side, the Classique membership allows you to rent designer handbags and jewelry (with under $4000 retail value) for $99 a month. The Couture and the Couture plus memberships allow you to rent any designer handbag, jewelry, and limited edition pieces available at the site for $199 and $279.The only difference between these two options is that the Couture plus membership allows you to rent 2 pieces each time instead of one item.


sites to rent designer bags


Bag Borrow or steal is one of the first sites created to rent designer handbags. Since 2004, the site offers the most exclusive designer purses for rental or purchase. Right now, you can rent a Hermes Evelyn bag for $275 for a whole month!

rent designer handbags


If you are a London-based fashionista then you should need to check Cocoon. Cocoon is quite similar to VIVRELLE . It’s a site where you can choose your subscription and rent designer handbags. The Cocoon has two memberships the Premium and the Deluxe. The premium membership gives you access to any bag from their premium collection for 79 pounds a month. On the other hand, the Deluxe subscription gives you access to both premium and deluxe collections for 99 pounds a month.



Hurr collective is a tech-first platform with thousands of renters and lenders building a smart solution for fashion. As a lender, you can make money from your luxury purchase and as a renter, you can have access to designer bags without the need to spend thousands of dollars.

sites to rent designer bags


The luxury fashion rentals is a woman-owned company by Elaine Hau, a famous Youtuber. With her growing collection of luxury handbags just sitting in her closet at home, she has decided to share her collection with all of you.

She has found a way to combine her passion for handbags and her interest in the business. Elaine is committed to providing you with the best experience, from ordering online, to when your handbag arrives and when you’re ready to return.
At the moment you can rent a medium Chanel classic flap bag for $500 for 30 days!



Bag butler is another company where you can rent designer bags like Chanel and Birkin for two days or up to a month. Right now you can rent a pink Chanel mini flap bag at $160 for 4 days and be charged $20 for each additional day.

sites to rent designer bags


Last but not least, BAGROMANCE.COM gives you access to designer handbags (with thousands of dollars in retail prices) for a 7-day rental or 30-day rental. For instance, you can rent a Classic red Chanel flap bag for 7 days at $846 or 30 days for $1354 (currently on loan).


So, now that you were to rent a Chanel bag what are you going to do? Would you rent one or would you buy one? However, whatever your decision might be you just saw the best sites to rent designer handbags!

sites to rent designer bags