The Ultimate Chanel 22 Bag Review – Is This The New It-Bag?

The Ultimate Chanel 22 Bag Review – Is This The New It-Bag?


Are you looking for the ultimate Chanel 22 bag review? Well, we have rounded up all the information you need for the new Chanel bag that has already managed somehow to steal our hearts.

Chanel launched the new bag this year, and even though it’s only a few months old, this bag is already treated like an ”it-bag” by the fashion community.

So, let’s see all the details from Chanel bag 22 prices to sizes, all you need to know before buying the new Chanel trendy bag!


1. What’s the size of the Chanel 22 bag?-CHANEL 22 BAG SIZES

There are three sizes available at, the small Chanel 22 bag, the Chanel 22 bag, and the large Chanel 22 bag. There’s also a backpack version of the Chanel 22 Bag. The dimensions of each size are

SMALL CHANEL 22 BAG 13.7 × 14.4× 2.7in ( cm )
CHANEL 22 BAG 15.2 × 16.4 × 3.1 in ( cm )
LARGE CHANEL 22 BAG 18.7 × 17.6 × 3.9 in ( cm )
CHANEL 22 BACKPACK. 19.9 × 15.6 × 3.5 in (cm)

2. How much is the Chanel 22 bag?-CHANEL 22 BAG PRICES

CHANEL 22 BAG $5300

3. What’s the material of the Chanel 22 bag?

The Chanel 22 bag comes in calfskin leather. The hardware is either gold-tone metal or lacquered metal.

4. How’s the Chanel 22 bag inside and outside?

The Chanel 22 bag is not the typical Chanel bag. In fact, it’s the opposite. It’s a big unstructured sac. The bag comes with an attached small pouch to fit your absolute essentials in.
The Chanel 22 bag comes with the iconic Chanel chain and a metallic Chanel logo on the front.

5. What can a Chanel 22 bag fit in?

As we mentioned before, the Chanel 22 bag is a big bag! The hobo-style bags are designed to fit all your everyday essentials. So, you can easily fit it in your wallet, phone, keys, small vanity case, etc.

6. What color should I choose?

The Chanel 22 bag comes in many colors such as black, white, blue, lilac,  coral pink and pink.

This is a $5000 (and even more) bag, so you should choose the color according to your personal style.

If you are a minimal girl when it comes to fashion then the white or the black one would be the perfect addition to your outfits. On the other side if you are girls who love bold colors and outfits, then choose our editor’s favorite the coral pink!!

chanel 22 bag review

7. Is the Chanel 22 bag a classic?

This is a new Chanel bag. We have never seen it before. So, maybe it’s a little early to speak about a new Chanel classic, but why not?

All the iconic Chanel bags like the classic flap, the Chanel boy started like that. So, it wouldn’t be strange if 5 years from now the Chanel 22 bag is a classic and costs double the price!

So, hurry up girls ! Because Chanel prices will always go up and never down!

8. Is the Chanel 22 bag worth the hype?

Well, it’s a new Chanel bag unlike any other Chanel bag we know and have loved so far.

It has a huge metallic Chanel logo on the front and an iconic Chanel chain. It’s the combination of the old Chanel we love and the freshness of 2022 that all women need for their style.

So, yes it is definitely worth it!