70s Women’s Fashion – What Did Women Wear In The 70s

70s Women’s Fashion – What Did Women Wear In The 70s



Are you wondering what did women wear in the 70s? Well, you are in the right place. In this article, we talk about the 70s women’s fashion and all the 70s fashion trends.

After the conservative and romantic 50s when women used to wear tea-length swing dresses and twin-set cardigan sweaters, the 60s and 70s became the beginning of the ”fashion revolution”.

During Yves Saint Laurent’s Autumn-Winter 1966 collection, the designer introduced his most iconic piece: the tuxedo. However, the designer was ahead of his time and it is mentioned that he only sold one tuxedo. But, the way for the revolution had already opened.

How do you dress like a 70s girl?

So, the 70s women’s fashion was all about prints, hippie vibes, platforms, and flare trousers. The romantic A-line balloon dresses of the 60s are gone and now the dresses tend to be straighter. Also, you should start wearing printed flair bottoms and crochet tops to look more like a cool 70s girl. It’s time to forget mules, platform heels are your new thing.

Many of the trends we are crazy to wear these days, were originally 70s fashion trends. 70s women’s fashion was one of the most important periods for fashion and it’s evolution. That’s why you need to be present when your mom decides to declutter her wardrobe because you will find some 70s treasures there!

However, now it’s time to reveal the hottest 70s fashion trends you may already be wearing.

What did females wear in the 70s?



One of the biggest 70s fashion trends was the bell-bottom jeans. Back in the 70s, these jeans were a fashion staple. Women used to wear them all day long and for any occasion from work to endless parties.

These days, after the skinny jeans trend has started to fade, bell-bottoms have their comeback. Recently, Blumarine relaunched the bell-bottom jeans trend and brought it back into fashion! You can check the Blumarine’s bell-bottom jeans we loved the most here.


Platforms were the trendiest shoes of the 70s and not only then. Women wanted to look thinner and taller, and platform shoes were their best ally.

Even these days, platform shoes are a huge trend again thanks to Versace.

The Italian fashion house created the Medusa Aevitas Platform Pumps which instantly became it shoes. They are always sold out and everyone wants them.

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Jumpsuits in bold colors and fancy patterns, like florals, were an everyday favorite for many women.

During the 70s, the jumpsuits used to be tight on the upper body. However, because we are talking about the 70s women’s fashion, the bottom of the jumpsuit was always flaired or bell cut.

Nowadays, Gucci’s Alessandro Michelle has adopted many 70s fashion trends for the brand’s collection, including a gorgeous green Gucci jumpsuit that could be straight from the 70s. You can check it out here.

Or if you are on a tight budget this ASOS $35.75 jumpsuit is a great alternative .

70s women's fashion
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Not only bell-bottom jeans but flared trousers were a huge 70s fashion trend all the 70s ”it-girls” used to wear. Even these days, retailers like ASOS have a whole collection of 70s-inspired flared pants.

So, if you want to add some 70s fashion pieces that are trending now to your closet, then flared trousers could be your best option.


When Diane Von Furstenberg, reinvented the wrap dress in 1974, little did we know that for more than 40 years now, these dresses would be a statement for every woman’s closet.

Flattering, hugging the body, and showing off the waist, wrap dresses immediately became a favorite in the 70s women’s fashion era.

And thank God, even these days wrap dresses are considered must-haves in any woman’s closet as well.



Even though they were considered workout clothes, terry clothing like shorts or short jumpsuits were something women loved to wear back in the 1970s.

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Under the hippie influence of the 1970s, ponchos were a huge 70s trend. Ponchos were one of the favorite outwear for women back in those days. Even now, ponchos are a great choice, when you need something light to wear over your outfit and some boho vibes for your look.


Again, the 70’s vest trend is back. Back in the 70s women used to wear the knitted vest with bell-bottom jeans or flared pants as an everyday outfit. This autumn-winter we saw this trend being reborn on Instagram and we loved it!


During the 70s women loved to wear skirts even more than pants. They were wearing mini skirts, and long hippie skirts, but the era’s most characteristic skirt was the pleated A-line skirt.

Nowadays, we can spot this trend on the Gucci runways where the creative director loves to be inspired by the iconic 70s women’s fashion.

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It’s time to talk about what women wore in the 1970s when they were at the beach. Well, the tie-front bikinis with boy shorts for bottoms were the beachwear trend of the 1970s.

70s women's fashion
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Who doesn’t love a mini crochet dress to wear on the hot summer days? We all love this style like the women in the 70s did. So, handmade colorful crochet dresses were a thing back then, and they are starting to trend for this summer too.

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So, now you know the hottest 70s fashion trends and the most important thing about the 70s women’s fashion. Are you ready to dress like a 70s girl?

70s women's fashion