8 Things To Do At 5 A.M. And Be ”That Girl”

8 Things To Do At 5 A.M. And Be ”That Girl”



Are you looking for things to do at 5 am so you will have a productive and fun day? Well, we have rounded up 8 things you should do at 5 am to be ”that girl ”.

What can you do at 5 am?


Like your body needs to work out in order to be toned, your mind needs daily meditation in order to be calm.
Meditating is easier than you think, you can do it in your bed while you are listening to a Meditation video on Youtube.

There’s no better way to start your day!



Maybe you believe that journalism is a lifestyle trend and it doesn’t deserve your attention, but trust me everybody needs to reflect on how his days are going.

Write the bests and the bad of each day and try to be better for the next one!

This journal on AMAZON($8.99) will help you stay on track ! Btw , it’s the cutest journal you have ever seen .


Working out at 5 am may sound like a nightmare but it’s so good for you and you will thank yourself after! Working out early in the morning will save you some hours to do what you really love or to spend time with family and friends during the day.

Your energy levels are higher and you can have a more effective workout and keep burning calories through the day.



Having a shower and being able to complete your self-care routine in the morning is a blessing. Who doesn’t hate to step out of the house without having a shower or applying his skincare products?

Personally, I hate it so much! So, having some self-care time is one of the best things to do at 5 am.


Instead of scrolling at your phone, reading a book is a great alternative when it comes to things to do at 5 am.
This is the time to finish the book you are trying for the past 6 months.

My current favorite book that any human being needs to read is the Book Of Joy .


Have you ever thought about going on a morning walk to watch the sunrise? A great alternative to working out, if HIITS isn’t the best option for you!


Instead of you drinking your coffee or tea in a rush, take some time to prepare and enjoy this cup for yourself. This is your time to relax before the day gets started.


There’s no better way to have a productive day unless you plan it. You can use a planner or simply your phone and create the tasks you need to fulfill throughout the day!

If you need a planner , this daily planner on AMAZON($20.69) could be your best option .

So, here were the best things to do at 5 am to have a productive day and a fun morning! What are you waiting for? It’s time to sleep! You have a 5 am alarm for tomorrow!