15 Summer Wardrobe Essentials To Have In Your Closet This Season

15 Summer Wardrobe Essentials To Have In Your Closet This Season
summer wardrobe essentials



Are you looking for the cutest summer wardrobe essentials you need to survive this summer? Well, we have gathered the 15 summer wardrobe essentials you need to transform your summer style. No more ”nothing to wear” confessions after including these summer wardrobe-essentials.
All you have to do is add these 15 must-have summer items to your closet.

How do I make a summer wardrobe?

Well, you can build a summer capsule wardrobe with essentials and basics. After, having this base you can start adding more ”glamorous” things like party dresses, fancy shoes, etc.

How many items should you have in a summer wardrobe?

In order to build a complete summer capsule wardrobe that will get you dressed for any occasion, you will need at least 25-35 items including essentials /basics and ”fancier” items.

What are summer basics?

Summer basics are mostly ”boring” items that will save most of your summer outfits. For example, there’s nothing fancy in a white top, but this is going to save your life many times. So, white tops, denim shorts, linen pants, white sneakers, sandals, and many more are all considered summer basics.

Now, let’s move on to the 15 summer wardrobe essentials you should have this summer.



There’s nothing more ”basic” than a white top and nothing that you need more in your summer capsule wardrobe!You can wear it with any summer outfit , right? 

Are you wondering where to shop for white tops ?Well, REVOLVE AND H&M are great online retailers to buy a fresh new white top !

Shop the top below at REVOLVE ,$65.


There’s no summer without at least one pair of flat sandals in your wardrobe ! How are you going on vacation without them ? 

Flat sandals are for summer what Chanel sneakers are for winter , you can wear them with any outfit and still look gorgeous. 

Also , you should consider investing in a classic  pair of sandals that you are going to wear for many years . So , don’t be afraid to spend more than usual in a summer wardrobe essential you are going to cherish for many years . 

Shop the Chloe flat sandals ($395) at NET-A-PORTER.COM


Again , a denim jacket could save your evening summer looks when the summer  breeze starts and you need something to cover up . 

A denim jacket is the best option because it matches any item and any look. For example , a denim jacket would blend perfectly with a long dress outfit and with a casual shorts-top outfit ! 

So ,let’s see the best options you have .

First , it’s this H&M jacket below you will love ! We love its price ($29.99) and it’s boxy shape .


I couldn’t imagine myself breathing in a world without slip dresses , especially in summer . 

If I have to choose my favorite from the best summer wardrobe essentials , this would be the slip dress . From day outfits to fancy night outfits , slip dresses are the best summer canvas when it comes to looks . 

Even , Victoria Beckham chose to wear a slip dress/gown( haute couture) to her son’s wedding .So, you should have at least one slip dress in your summer capsule wardrobe.

Let’s see the best ones !

This For Love And Lemons bronze slip dress ($295 now $266) is made of summer dreams . Imagine that you are tanned and in Ibiza wearing this slip dress ! This is your best summer life !


Summer day bags are usually bigger than other season day bags because during summer we have busy days running around, tanning, and living life. 

So , a big cary-all tote would help you survive those beautiful multitasking summer days . Think that in a cary-all tote , you can fit your beach outfit , work items , personal essentials etc . So , you will definitely need one !

For example , this Saint Laurent tote bag ($1490)will change your life !It’s classic , fits everything in and looks great with any outfit . This bag is made for a boss bitch living her best life ! So, it’s clearly made for us girls !

Also , it’s available  in a light blue stripe model (it looks like candy) , you can check it here!


If you are a girl who loves her jeans collection, then you will love denim shorts as a summer essential. Denim shorts work the same way jeans do , but they are more summer appropriate . You won’t find yourself suffocate because of the heat in them .However , I can’t tell the same for a regular pair of jeans !

For example , these H&M high waisted denim shorts ($29.99)you should consider having in your summer capsule wardrobe.


Another item that shouldn’t be missed from the best  summer wardrobe essentials list is a midi skirt.

During summer days , a midi skirt can work like a pair of leggings and it’s fancier and much cooler than leggings . You can wear it with your favorite white top (check them again above) and create an effortlessly chic summer outfit !

For example , this WEWOREWHAT cut out midi skirt could be the item you desire most for this summer ! And it’s now on sale at REVOLVE.COM .


Straw bags have become from a summer trend , a summer staple and we can imagine why ! They are stylish , fit everything in , beach appropriate and look cool ! 

So , let’s find you the perfect straw bag! 

You can find the coolest handmade and designed in Greece STRAW BAGS at  PEARLSANDLATTE.COM.(if you follow me on INSTAGRAM , you know that I love pearls and lattes so ;p)


You already know how important it is to a have a little black dress in your closet . So , having a little white dress for summer in your capsule wardrobe has the same importance . This dress will be your simple white canvas (literally)where you can start building any outfit ! 

Let’s see the best options ! 

This SUPERDOWN mini dress($68) at Revolve.com is the white summer canva we all need !Or you can save some money with this similar $12.99 H&M dress !


A pair of white sneakers is not only a summer wardrobe essentials , it’s a wardrobe basic we all should have in our closets . 

Again , investing in a pair of high quality white sneakers will be. a more sustainable choice that at the end will save you money ! Buy it now , wear it forever , that’s the moto here !

For example , I can imagine myself wearing this stylish Saint Laurent pair of white sneakers($575) for many years !


What summer would be like without many swimsuits in our closets?Forget, everything we said until now , swimsuits should be the first summer wardrobe essentials to add to your closet.


A straw hat not only has aesthetic value , but it protects you from the sun too . Have you found the one for you yet ? 

Let’s find it together !


A maxi dress would be the easiest option when you want to create more formal summer outfits ! So , let’s see the best for you !


Co-ords are the easiest way to create the most stylish , sexy and playful summer looks !


A summer outfit isn’t complete unless you put some of the fanciest accessories you have ! 

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