16 Affordable Minimalist Clothing Brands That Should Be On Your Radar

16 Affordable Minimalist Clothing Brands That Should Be On Your Radar
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Are you looking for affordable minimalist clothing brands or stores to put on your bucket list? Well, you don’t need to search anymore. Here, you will find  the 16 affordable minimalist clothing brands any fashionista should know about. When it comes to fashion, I am a ”more is more” kind of girl, but lately I understand the need for less in my wardrobe and outfits. Therefore, I found the only minimalist clothing brands you need to care about.

Minimalist clothing brands are not always affordable. So, in case you don’t want to spend $500 for a simple shirt dress, this list will help you discover affordable minimalist brands to upgrade your wardrobe.

So, let’s see the best stores /brands for minimalistic fashion.



There’s no other store like H&M . H&M is a paradise for those seeking minimalist clothes with low price tags. The brand doesn’t offer only simple plain options. H&M is well known for their over the top collections too. However, the brand’s minimalist clothing is more than enough to fill up your exceptions.

PRICE RANGE $3.99-$249.99


2.Frank And Oak


Frank and Oak is a brand based in Canada (Montreal) .The brand is well known for its sustainable practices. Specifically ,  75% of their pieces are produced with sustainable processes and eco-friendly materials.Even their offices and stores are designed by Canadian artisans using recycled materials and make zero waste .

The brand offers both womenswear and menswear .Their designs are mostly minimalistic and made to be worn everyday for a long time . So ,if you are looking for sustainable minimalistic clothing brands , then Frank and Oak is one of the best options out there.

PRICE RANGE $25-$150

3.Vetta Capsule

Another brand dedicated to minimalist lovers . Vetta Capsule is a brand that promises that  you can create 30 different outfits with just 5 versatile pieces .Also , you can shop whole capsule wardrobes  . For example ,you can get the MINIMAL CAPSULE which includes 5 minimal key items  for $588 .

Besides , the brand is committed to sustainable fabrics and responsible factories.

PRICE RANGE $98-$198


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With over 1 million followers, Everlane has become one of the most popular affordable minimalist clothing brands in the industry .Everlane is known for its ethical and sustainable practices .They choose carefully the factories they cooperate with . Also , the brand makes sure that they always use the finest materials .In addition , Everlane is one of the few brands that reveal the true cost behind their products.So , you know exactly  what you pay for .

PRICE RANGE $18-$275


Frankie shop is an instagram favorite brand that has been loved and worn by influencers and celebreties . Famous for it’s iconic padded shoulder t-shirts , Frankie shop is one of the most affordable minimalist clothing brands you need to add to your closet asap.

PRICE RANGE $50-$179.


Wolford is popular for its hosiery products , but  the brand has also  some classics or ”basics” that will save your days , trust me . Furthermore , Wolford recently collaborated  with the it-girl and shoe mogul Amina Muaddi.The result was a gorgeous collection including hosiery and clothes  that got sold out immediately .It’s hard to resist  wearing your Aminas with the cutest Amina Muaddi x Wolford socks , isn’t it?

Check the Amina Muaddi x Wolford collection here.

PRICE RANGE $33-$470


Aday wants  to change the way you see your wardrobe and outfits . Also , they try to design a aminimalist wardrobe for those who want more .In addition , they use clever design to create pieces that can be worn different ways, for different activities, on repeat. 

PRICE RANGE $68-$265.



“The fewer, the better” is the brand’s philosophy. They create timeless collections for the modern woman through carefully selected fabrics, precise silhouettes and attention to detail.Each piece is made from the highest-quality materials, and created by skilled craftsmen throughout Europe, South America, China, and the United States.

PRICE RANGE $25-$595.


Kotn is a certified B Corp brand that focuses on timeless design, enduring quality and lasting products.Also , the brand ensures that they use only the highest quality materials by working with family-run farms in Egypt and Portugal  to pick the best fibres .In Kotn it is all about quality , sustainability and perfectly designed pieces that will last you for a lifetime .



ABLE is an ethical fashion brand that employs and empowers women as a solution to end poverty.So , ABLE is a women-run brand that cares about using the highest quality materials and creating styles that will last you forever .Therefore, it couldn’t be missing from the list with  minimalist clothing brands to know!

PRICE RANGE $18-$350.

11.Eleven 44

Eleven44 was founded in 2008 with a desire to provide comfort basics and unique street wear and athletic wear for daily use. The brand pays  attention to use the best materials like organic cotton , bamboo , linen etc. Also , they focus on making timeless items that will last you for a very very long time .

PRICE RANGE $36-$298


Encircled is the slow fashion brand that does it all. Also , the brand is one of the few certified B Corp companies in the clothing industry .They produce classic, versatile pieces with which you can build a whole wardrobe and you’ll love for years to come.

PRICE RANGE $46-$268.

13.Organic Basics

Again, another brand that designs everything to last. The company is  investing in quality fabrics and workmanship – but also in designing with simplicity and functionality in mind.

PRICE RANGE $50-$250


Valani is a sustainable plant-based, vegan clothing line based in California. They design sustainable clothing for women who want to have a fun, flirty and beautiful wardrobe without harming the planet.So , this is an affordable minalist clothing brand with some romantic vibes .

PRICE RANGE $98-$348 

15.Mate The Label

Mate The Label is a brand that produces mostly organic essentials . They are sustainably made in the world’s most promising city , Los Angeles and they are clean from seed to skin .What else could you ask for when upgrading your minimalist clothing section ?

PRICE RANGE $32-$188


This brand is a family-owned company that’s been in the denim business for three decades.Furthermore , designing denim that fits every body and everybody is one of the brand’s top priorities .In addition , they are committed to sustainable resources and  ethical practices. So , if  you are a denim lover , this is the affordable minimalist clothing brand you have been looking for .

PRICE RANGE $74-$118.