22 Types Of Fashion Styles You Need To Expirement With

22 Types Of Fashion Styles You Need To Expirement With



Are you looking to find the type of fashion styles that expresses you? It is true that every time you wear your favorite clothes you feel happy and empowered. There’s no bigger blessing than this. Fashion has to make us feel powerful, independent, and happy. That’s the true cause of fashion, isn’t it?


How do I find my fashion style?

At this point, I’m not telling you to go out and buy a bunch of new clothes. I am suggesting you the following!!

Get inspiration: Read as many posts like this one as you can. Get inspired from social media like Instagram and Pinterest.

Create a mood board: The easiest thing to do is creating a Pinterest board with all the fashion styles you love.

Search your closet: Take a look at your wardrobe and find out the pieces you love. Also, you should find out all the classic pieces you own and could be used as ”basics”.

Experiment with different styles: This is the key to finding your fashion style. You need to try different ones, to find the one and only.

Finding your type of fashion style is not an overnight job. You have to experiment a little before you decide that this fashion style is the one. Or you maybe never find only one that’s your one and only. For example, I don’t put a label on my fashion style. I like to mix different types of fashion styles according to my mood and my wardrobe status at the time. So, finding your fashion style has to do with trying different styles until you find the one or multiple you feel great with.

How many types of fashion styles are there?

Well, there are countless different types of fashion styles at this point. Every year, thanks to social media, we discover new ones. So, the exact number is unknown. However, we will inspire you with the list below of 38 different types of fashion styles.

1. Chic Fashion Style

When I’m thinking about chic fashion style, the first thing that comes to my mind is the iconic Breakfast at Tiffany’s scene with Audrey Hupborn in front of the Tifanny’s windows in New York.
This fashion style is all about classic and timeless pieces like little black dresses, pumps, and pearls. It is all about the vibe.

chic fashion style
source @pinterest

2. Casual fashion style

Casual fashion style is all about comfortable and simple outfits. Skinny jeans, simple t-shirts, and flats are the best items to describe the casual fashion style.

source @pinterest

3.Exotic fashion style 

What is exotic fashion style ?

According to urby.in exotic fashion style focuses on something very uncommon and different from the ordinary. It is often mysterious and intriguing. The clothing style centers on rich colors, embroidery, mysterious patterns, prints, and mosaics.

exotic fashion style
source @whowhatwearuk

4. Boho Fashion Style

I’m sure that you already know about or even already tried the boho fashion style. Almost every girl has experimented with this style at least once. Gypsy long skirts, lahor prints, hobo bags, florals are some of the most recognizable items for the boho fashion style.

boho fashion style type

5. Edgy Fashion Style

The typical example of edgy fashion style is ripped skinny black jeans, a group T-shirt, and a leather black biker jacket. It is one of the styles I have never experimented with.

edgy fashion style
source @pinterest

6. Artsy Fashion Style

Artsy fashion style is all about creativity. Wearing bold colors, ”unusual” patterns, and prints are the basis of the artsy fashion style. When I’m attending fashion weeks, I think I usually follow the artsy fashion style.

artsy fashion style type

7.Vintage Fashion Style

Are you a girl who loves to shop from thrift shops and buying clothes from different decades . In this case , the perfect match for you is the vintage fashion style .

vintage fashion style
source @pinterest

8. Preppy Fashion Style

I like to call this the ”college” fashion style. Cardigans, shirts and sweaters are the key items for this fashion style. It’s like the school uniform from Gossip Girl.

source @pinterest

9. Tomboy Fashion Style

The tomboy fashion style is all about simplicity. It’s the idea of women dressing as simple as men do. Shirts and trousers are the most common items you wear for this fashion style.

tomboy fashion style
source @pinterest

10. Athleisure Fashion Style

If you love to wear your sports bra and leggings not only at the gym, this style may be the ultimate match for you!

athleisure fashion style
source @pinterest

11. French Girl Fashion Style

Girly and fresh. That’s what the French girl fashion style is all about. Of course, don’t forget about the bangs.

source @pinterest

12. Girl Next Door Fashion Style

This fashion style is the exact opposite of the exotic style. Simple but cute, we all have been through this style. I think I was addicted to this style during high school. My closet was full of skinny jeans, simple tees, and converse sneakers.

girl next door fashion style type

13. Office Fashion Style

Are you the kind of girl who loves to go to the office in a Chanel suit? Well, if I had one, I would be that girl too.

source @pinterest

14. Formal Fashion Style

Are you addicted to glittery gowns and cocktail dresses? Every time you receive a wedding invitation you are looking for the most extravagant dress in your closet. Well, I know the feeling. It is called formal attire addiction.

formal fashion style

15. Girly Fashion Style

The dress code you followed as a girl. Everything pink and fluffy is approved. A-line mini skirts and dresses and many pink accessories are the things you need the most for this style.

girly fashion style
source @pinterest

16. Kawaii Fashion Style

Kawaii fashion style started in Japan. Kawaii in Japanese means adorable. There’s no better word to describe this fashion style. It is quite similar to the girly fashion style. However, Kawaii Fashion Style has a specific way of being girly. Take a look at the picture below to understand better what I’m talking about.

kawaii fashion style
source @pinterest

17. Vacation Fashion Style

Long airy dresses, kaftans, and flats are the most common fashion items for this specific fashion style. For example, if you are visiting Greece for vacation this is the style you need.

what to wear to a beach vacation

18.Y2K Fashion Style

Paris Hilton has been the ultimate queen of Y2K back in the 2000s . Low-rise jeans, juicy couture tracksuit, and chunky sunglasses are this era’s best pieces.

source @pinterest

19.Garconne Fashion Style

If you love wearing loose t-shirts with loafers and jeans with loose tees and sneakers, then garcon fashion style is your style direction.

garconne fashion style
source @pinterest

20. Vibrant Fashion Style

Mixing bold colors and creating the most attractive outfits means that you are a ”vibrant fashion style” addict.

vibrant fashion style

21. Elegant Fashion Style

The elegant fashion style is all about looking glamorous and classy. If you would like to add sparkly items to your outfits and always remain classy, then this is your fashion style type.

elegant fashion style
source @pinterest

22. Rock Fashion Style

Do you love studs, leather pants, ripped jeans, and your favorite band’s t-shirts? Then you are a rock girl and this is your fashion style!

rock fashion style
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