Mytheresa Review -I Shopped My Wedding Dress There And Here’s My Thoughts

Mytheresa Review -I Shopped My Wedding Dress There And Here’s My Thoughts

mytheresa review

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Are you looking to read the ultimate mytheresa review? Well, you are in the right place. I shopped for my wedding dress from and I will tell you all about it. Also, my husband shopped his GUCCI wedding shoes from there. So, double the experience to share with you. Continue reading to see my experience.

First, let’s start with some of your most common questions about

Is Mytheresa a trustworthy website? -Mytheresa review is one of the finest edits in luxury fashion for women. The retailer started 30 years ago as a multibrand store in Munich and since then has become an industry leader in the world of online luxury fashion.
Simpler, it has the same ”power” as but it’s based in Germany. So, yes is a trustworthy site.

Does Mytheresa sell authentic?

This online store is an authorized retailer, so it sells only authentic products. always has the hottest items from all the trending designers. For example, I was looking for the orange Jacquemus top from the FW22 runway and I only found it available in my size on Mytheresa’s buyers always do an excellent job. They always have the most desirable designer items on the planet.

My mytheresa experience while shopping for my wedding dress

 Mytheresa review

I know that you are waiting to read about my experience, shopping for my wedding dress from So, I won’t let you waiting anymore and we’ll dive right into my mytheresa review.
I understand that, for many of you , shopping for your wedding dress online is something unthinkable, but for me it was the best option.

I bought my wedding dress in May 2019 ( I got married during COVID ). Thank God, it was 40% off. For a white Dolce & Gabbana lace maxi dress, saving 40% off is not something to underestimate. To be precise, I bought my Dolce & Gabbana dress for $1400 from over $2500.

So, on you can find extremely good deals and not only during sale season. Very often the site offers 20-40% off new full-priced items. Also usually at the end of each sale season, they have an extra 20-30% off on sale items. It sounds interesting, doesn’t it?

So, great prices and deals are there all year long. We love this because who wants to shop only two  months a year when the sales are on?

Now, let’s talk about shipping. I ordered my dress during COVID (2019), so it was ok that the parcel arrived a little later than usual. The world was upside down back then and my parcel arrived after 10 days (including the weekend). Therefore, the shipping experience was good. In the meanwhile, I had ordered my wedding shoes(I never wore them ) from, and they arrived after almost 20 days.
So, at mytheresa they’re very professional when it comes to shipping. The retailer was quicker than others during the first year of COVID, so imagine how much better the shipping experience is  now.

If you are in Europe, shipping is very easy and fast. You don’t have to think about import fees and other costs.

On the other side ,if you are outside the European Union, for instance, if you are located in the USA, at the checkout the site will include all the extra costs you may have to pay depending on your location. Also, for USA customers all the packages are insured against theft and accidental damage (super cool Mytheresa!!!)

Also, another thing I loved was the packaging. I’m a person who loves things that come in a beautiful luxurious box. The dress and my husband’s shoes came in the iconic bright yellow mytheresa boxes and inside there was a thank you card from the person who prepared the item for shipping. These small things are really what  makes a luxury fashion retailer. It’s all on the details.

Everything was smooth. I haven’t had any bad experiences to share with you. This is not sponsored, so I’m just sharing my own personal experience shopping for my wedding dress (which is quite important) from