How To Wear A Turtleneck And 7 Outfit Ideas To Inspire You

How To Wear A Turtleneck And 7 Outfit Ideas To Inspire You

how to wear a turtleneck
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Are you looking at how to style a turtleneck? Well, if you are wondering how to wear a turtleneck you are in the right place. Turtlenecks are a fashion staple. I’m pretty sure that you have at least one turtleneck in your wardrobe. But do you know how to style a turtleneck to upgrade your whole look?

We all have been through this. I have been feeling for years that I have nothing to wear and no idea how to create a fresh outfit. However, that’s why CLOSSFASHION.COM is here to help you find the style you love to have.

Are turtlenecks in style?

Always!!!!Turtlenecks are a fall/winter classic piece that will always be in fashion. It’s the ultimate winter top. When I’m thinking about cold places and outfits to wear there, turtlenecks are the first item that comes to my mind.
Celebrities, bloggers, and designers love wearing and creating turtlenecks. I believe that this love relationship will continue forever.


Now that you know that turtlenecks are in style, let’s quickly see two tips on how to wear a turtleneck and look gorgeous

Follow your style. That’s the biggest mistake many women do. They see Kylie Jenner wearing a turtleneck with bike shorts and knee boots and they want to recreate the same outfit. It’s ok if your style is similar to Kylie’s or whoever. However, the key to great outfits is to adjust the trend to your own personal style and create a look that actually suits you.

Don’t overdo . When put so much effort into creating the perfect outfit, usually you get the opposite result. I’ve caught myself doing this during fashion weeks. So, I have stopped over trying and stuffing unnecessary things into my looks.

Now let’s move on

7 outfit ideas on How to Wear a turtleneck


That’s the easiest and most chic way to wear a turtleneck. Grab your fanciest suit or check this gorgeous lilac satin suit (here)with your favorite turtleneck. And just like that, you created a beautiful fall outfit.

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All you need is your favorite blazer and your imagination. I love to wear my favorite check blazer(check similar here, under $50 from ASOS.COM) with a simple turtleneck, monochromatic pants, and a bold pair of earrings(these are gorgeous by Lele Sadoughi check them, here). It’s such a statement look.


I am a girl who loves skirts. So wearing my skirts with my favorites turtlenecks is my go to fall-winter outfit . If you want to be unexpected, wear your oversized turtleneck outside your skirt, just like I did in this picture above.

turtleneck with a skirt
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That’s a classic college-inspired outfit idea. I love the idea of wearing an oversized white shirt and under that a perfectly fitted black turtleneck. This outfit would be perfected by adding a pair of Amina Muaddi sparkly shoes. But, my bank account can’t afford them at the moment. So, I will wear one of my over 50 pairs of designer shoes.

turtleneck under a shirt
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That’s the easiest way to wear your favorite lingerie dresses during fall and winter. I have spent the whole summer in lingerie dresses, and I can’t imagine myself not wearing them during the fall season as well. Complete the look with some bold gold accessories.

turtleneck under a lingerie dress
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I’m not a big fan of jeans. I haven’t found the pair with the right fit for my body yet. But if you are a girl who loves jeans, this could be your easiest off-to-go outfit for the fall/winter season.

turtleneck with jeans
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At this point, I want to highlight that I have been featured in Harper’s Bazaar wearing a pajama look during London Fashion Week(see the look here). So, you understand why I’m so obsessed with pajama looks. I can’t get over this trend, can you? The perfect way to transform this spring trend into a fall look is by wearing a turtleneck inside.

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So , now that you know how to style a turtleneck , which one will be your first turtleneck outfit ?