The 5 Skincare Tips For Fall That You Wish You Knew Last Year

The 5 Skincare Tips For Fall That You Wish You Knew Last Year



Summer is gone, and fall is here. I am feeling a little depressed and a little excited at the same time. However you feel, you should prioritize your fall skincare. Because skincare should always be first on your bucket list whatever the season is. Taking care of my skin and myself is always on top of my priorities.So that’s why we’re going to check the best 5 skincare tips for fall!!
 For me ,having healthy skin is more important than stuffing my face with the fanciest and most expensive makeup from SEPHORA’S shelves. So, finding the best skin care tip for fall is the first thing I do every September 1st. You should do the same, or you can read my post and find the best skin care tips for fall easily and without any effort.



One of the best tips for skincare for fall is to keep your skin hydrated. You keep hearing of this from every skincare expert, and you should include a  hydration cream into your fall skincare routine immediately. My dermatologist swears by the connection between youthful skin and hydration. Due to the weather changes, hydration is needed more than ever during fall.
The cream(gel formula) that saved my skin from an extra dehydrated situation during my trip to Instabul (during February, Istanbul’s weather is very cold) is the Laneige. Since then it’s been the moisturizing cream I’m using the most.It works, and it doesn’t cost the whole entire world.

Right now I’m using the gel formula, but it’s better to get the cream formula which is thicker and better for fall and winter.

You can get my favorite  LANEIGE – Water Bank Moisture Cream on SEPHORA ($38)


There’s no bigger beauty myth than that we should use sunscreen or SPF only during summer. That’s the worst mistake you can make when it comes to skincare. Read my words carefully, you must wear SPF all year long. SPF is your biggest ally in antiaging and skin damage. SPFs are powerful. Even during rainy days, UV rays can attack your skin and destroy and damage your beautiful skin cells.
Use a broad spectrum SPF so you will stay protected from both UVA and UVB rays. My favorite broad-spectrum SPF is this one by Drunk Elephant-Buy it at SEPHORA($36). The brand is known for using ingredients that are 100% compatible with human skin. So, this is the SPF I love to use.


Did you know that the lips are the only part that doesn’t produce oil? Lips haven’t any pores, so they are always the first part of your body that gets dry. Therefore, during fall and winter, the best thing you can do is hydrate your lips.
How to hydrate your lips?
Well, I’m suffering from dry lips all year long ever since I was a kid. The lip balm I swear by is the Lanolips lip balm. Lanolips is the best brand when it comes to lip hydration. If you follow me on Instagram ( follow here) you know that I genuinely love the brand and its products.
For extra hydration, you can use a lip slip mask to hydrate your lips deeply. I have tried the Laneige lip slip mask, and I really saw results the next morning. My lips appeared more hydrated and plumper. So I suggest you give it a try . Check it here($22).


My dermatologist insists that inner hydration is far more important than outer hydration. Simpler, drink at least 2L of water every day. Drinking water is the cheapest and the best skincare fall tip. If you ask me how I keep drinking at least 2L water a day, I use a 2,2L water bottle that keeps me motivated during the day. You can check similar here. That is the most effective way for me to drink 2L of water daily.


Have you ever thought about investing in a humidifier? Or have you ever thought about how bad is the dry in-doors air for your skin and health? A humidifier can change your house’s dry air into healthy humid air. This way, you will save your skin during fall and winter!
On, you can find great offers for humidifiers and save some money for the Laneige moisturizing cream and sleep lip cream.

These were the five best skincare tips for fall you can easily add to your skincare routine. And always remember to keep your skin hydrated inside and out!