Are Thong Sandals Out Of Style ?

Are Thong Sandals Out Of Style ?

are thong sandals out of style
The world famous fashion blogger Aylin Koenig in thong sandals

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Are thong sandals out of style? Thongs sandals were the most controversial trend of the 90s. Either you loved them or you hated them. Well, things haven’t changed much since then.
We have seen so many 90s trends coming back lately, that we might feel a little overwhelmed, aren’t we? But not with this one. At least, not yet. I haven’t worn them yet, so they have to be still in style. Just kidding!

And this $30 pair of green heeled thong sandals from ASOS is the perfect start (get them before I do here).I think that Kylie Jenner wore a pair that looked just like this one.

If you belong in GEN Z, then you have worn many thong sandals (flats, of course ) when you were a little kid. Honestly, the thong sandals trending right now are so much cooler than the flat ones we used to wear. To be more specific, from now on when I’m mentioning thong sandals, I mean heeled ones.
The ones that Kim Kardashian West wears, not the others.

But now let’s move to the most demanding question

Are thong sandals out of style?

They came back at around 2019-2020. So, the 90s trend bounces back during COVID and endless lockdowns. Therefore, we didn’t even have the chance to wear it or to decide if this shoe trend stays or leaves. So, how can we say that thong sandals are out of style If we haven’t worn them at all.
Also, PRADA, Gianvito Rossi, Botega Venetta and so many other leading designers in the industry have added many beautiful thong sandals to their collection. So, if the trend is fading, why do these world-famous brands keep adding this style to their collections?

Many celebrities, like Kim Kardashian, Kendall Jenner, Rosie Huntington love to share how they style their thong sandals on Instagram.

Well, thong sandals aren’t out of style yet. They are still trending, and now that things are tending to be closer to ”normal” we have the chance to wear them and decide if we want them to be in our closets next year.