These Are The Wedding Shoes With Rhinestones You Want To Wear On Your Big Day

These Are The Wedding Shoes With Rhinestones You Want To Wear On Your Big Day

wedding shoes with rhinestones

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Congratulations on your special day! You should feel overexcited and maybe a little overwhelmed. Planning a wedding is a difficult job to do. I’ve been through this and I know how you are feeling.

However, I’m here to help you find the most beautiful pair of wedding shoes with rhinestones. I can’t imagine something more glamorous for your wedding than a fancy pair of shoes with rhinestones. I am a girl who loves to go extra. For me, more is more. So, a pair of wedding shoes with rhinestones is the ultimate choice  for my taste.

I bought a gorgeous pair of black Roger Vivier mules with a buckle full of rhinestones and because of my pregnancy and my swollen feet I couldn’t wear them. So, I wore my metallic pistachio embellished Dolce & Gabbana mules instead.

Your wedding shoes are one of the most crucial factors for a beautiful ceremony and reception. With the right pair of wedding shoes, you can have your dreamy wedding. But with the wrong pair of shoes, things can get dark. Are you wondering why? Imagine wearing an extremely uncomfortable pair of shoes at your wedding. That’s a disaster. If you are in pain, you won’t feel free and relaxed at your own wedding. So it really sounds bad to me. The bride’s shoes are important for a beautiful and perfect wedding.

Therefore, you want the most extravagant pair of wedding shoes with rhinestones, but you must be sure that they will be comfortable. Also, you are wrong, if you believe that perfection and comfort don’t belong together. So I have found the most fabulous and comfortable wedding shoes with rhinestones below. But, first, let’s see what makes a pair of wedding shoes comfortable.

How to choose comfortable wedding shoes?

First, you should avoid pointed pumps. Instead, you can choose a pair of sandals. Sandals are always more comfortable than any type of pump. There is no fingers suffocating situation with sandals. Also, avoid stiletto heels, you can choose a block heel instead. Last but not least, don’t underestimate the beauty of kitten heels and flats.

It’s ok to order your wedding shoes online. I did it, and it was the same amazing feeling as if I had shopped physically from a boutique. However, you should order them at least 3 months prior to your wedding date so you have time to change or return them.

Check the beauties below .