Are Fanny Packs back In Style ?

Are Fanny Packs back In Style ?

are fanny packs back in style
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Fanny packs used to be a huge 80’s trend. Ask your grandmother about this. Now they are back! Gucci, Chanel, and other big fashion houses launch fanny pack designs. Therefore, fanny packs or belt bags are here to stay. A few years ago fanny packs were considered a passe, touristic accessory ,but when Chanel sells a $3000 fanny pack this automatically changes everything.
The trend started about three years ago with Gucci launching a GG logo belt bag. It was kind of the start of the trend. Every editor, blogger,everone loved to wear this Gucci fanny pack. I remember my Instagram feed to be full of these Gucci belt bags. These bags were everywhere.

So, this was the start of the fanny pack trend. So, if you ask me ”Are fanny packs back in style ?”, my answer will be yes.

So, now that you know that fanny packs are back in style, you should know how to wear them.

How to wear fanny packs?

A fanny pack is a fashion accessory, if you style it the right way, you will have a super stylish look. However, if not then your outfit cold possibly be a disaster.
Have you ever thought of wearing your fanny pack with a beautiful pastel suit? Or with a pajama look and a pair of your fanciest mules? Styling a belt bag is not difficult. But, the challenging part is your look to be unexpected. For example, wearing your fanny pack with a pair of jeans is not bad unless you  wear a plain white t-shirt above. Try to be more creative. Don’t be afraid to match your ”ordinary” to go outfit with bold accessories. An unexpected look is always fashionable.

If you don’t feel very creative these days (don’t worry, there are times that the most creative among us feel this way ), you can get enough inspiration on how to wear fanny packs from the looks below.




So, are fanny packs back in style?

Yes, they are. Fanny packs used to be a fashion outsider but not anymore. It’s a trend that came to stay. Therefore, get inspired by the looks above and start rocking this trend.

are fanny packs back in style