These Are The Bedtime Essentials That Will Make You Sleep Like A Baby Bird

These Are The Bedtime Essentials That Will Make You Sleep Like A Baby Bird

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Are you looking to elevate your bedtime? Bedtime is the most important time of your day. If you don’t sleep well, then your next day is going to be a disaster. It’s hard to be productive when you don’t sleep well. So, sleeping well should be on top of your checklist.
But how could you achieve a sleeping-well bedtime? Adding the right bedtime essentials can transform your whole bedtime and basically your whole life. Because if you don’t rest well, you can’t live well either.

So, adding the proper bedtime essentials is a very important matter. Well, you can thank us because we have found all the bedtime essentials you need to skyrock your sleep and start sleeping like a baby (after koliques and before teething ;p)

First, we are going to start with your most common questions about bedtime essentials.

What are the best bedtime essentials for sleeping like a baby? 

From relaxing candles, bath salts, silk pajamas and pillowcases, silk night masks to protect you from daylight . Also, a good book, a sheet mask, body cream, a cup of premium relaxing tea are real game-changers. Below you can see our top bedtime essentials for sleeping like a baby bird. 

What is a good bedtime routine?

It’s a list of the things you do every day before you get yourself ready to sleep. These should be the most relaxing 30-60 minutes of your day. You should follow this routine every single day to make it work. This is the time of the day for pampering  yourself a little and thanking your body for taking such good care of you. So, in order to provide this meaningful and relaxing routine to yourself, you need the right bedtime essentials. Check them above. 

What should you not do before bed?

Avoid any type of technology, we can survive without Instagram for one hour, can’t we? Also, avoid fatty foods, feeling bloated is not the ideal way to start a good bedtime routine. Please, don’t take any work to bed with you, only your boyfriend/girlfriend. It’s better to avoid caffeine when you are about to go to sleep, try something more relaxing instead , like a hot tea or milk with some honey , whatever works best for you. 

What should I do before bed? 

Now, that you know what to avoid during your bedtime routine, it’s time for what you should do instead.

First, your bedtime routine should focus on relaxation and tension relief. A hot bath, 10 minutes of meditation, reading a book can really elevate your sleep quality. Also, if you use some of the bedtime essentials above you will really see a difference in your sleep and your whole day. Because it’s a different feeling to sleep in a pair of polyester pajamas and another to sleep in silk ones. It’s worth the investment, trust me.  

So, are you ready to upgrade your bedtime routine? I bet you are! Find the routine that suits you and stick to it. Make your routine even more powerful by adding the bedtime essentials you need! Take a look above!