Vintage Dior Bags Edit -Everything You Need To Know

Vintage Dior Bags Edit -Everything You Need To Know

vintage Dior bags

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Would you like to know everything about vintage Dior bags? Well, you are in the right place.
Thanks to Kylie Jenner, vintage Dior bags is the hottest accessory you can carry right now, and we are so excited about this! My husband Tarik and co-editor saw this trend coming years before Kylie put her first vintage Dior on, but Kylie got all the credits anyway.
However, I am obsessed with vintage Dior bags. I am scrolling endless hours on, to find the perfect one with the ideal price tag. Sorry, but I can’t spend my income only on beautiful vintage Dior bags.
So, we will answer all your questions about vintage Dior bags right away. After you read this post, you will be ready to purchase your dreamy vintage Dior bag.

Where to buy vintage Dior bags?

The Dior boutique is not an option. Second-hand stores are the places you should look at for gorgeous vintage Dior bags. It’s always nice to run into a physical second-hand store to check their bags, but maybe this isn’t an option for you as it’s not for me either. If you live on a Greek island as I do, then there is no second-hand shopping options around. Whatever the case , you might want to have more options, so you choose to buy from an online second-hand store. For me the best option is price wise. is a platform where you can sell/buy second-hand and vintage pieces.
The items are unnumbered, and the prices could be very tempting.
You can read our vestiarecollective review here, or watch our YOUTUBE VIDEO here.

How can I tell if my vintage Dior bag is real?

The industry of counterfeit has become huge over the years. Fake designer bags have become better over time. So spotting a fake designer bag is not an easy job anymore . To be 100% sure of the authenticity of your bag, you should let the job to a professional. Vestiairecollective offers this service with a small charge (about $16). So, the item you bought from a seller first goes to Vestiaire’s offices and is checked by in-house experts. This way you are sure that you don’t buy a scam.

Now, a general rule to follow to tell if your vintage Dior bag is real is to focus on the quality. Dior is an iconic house that wrote history in fashion. So, all the Dior items are of the highest quality possible.

Dior bags aren’t made of inferior materials. Check for ”cheap” signs . The lining, leather ,hardware, and all the details should be perfect. You should feel that this bag was made to be the best. Don’t forget to exam carefully the stitching.

Do vintage Dior bags have serial numbers?

All the Dior bags have a serial number. According to, Dior bags do not have a unique serial number for each bag. You will find a style number of the bag on its authenticity card and a date code heat printed on a leather tag inside of the bag. The leather with the date code may be located in one of these two places: inside of the zippered pocket or right outside and below the zippered pocket.

How much do vintage Dior bags cost?

According to vintage Dior bags cost from $300-$3000. It depends on the condition and the popularity of the model. For example, if you are craving for a specific vintage Dior bag that Kylie Jenner wore last week, you should know that the prices will be double in an hour.

What are the most popular vintage Dior bags right now?

Well, the saddlebag is still one of the most popular vintage Dior models. Even that’s almost half a decade from the saddle bag’s big comeback, the trend is not fading anytime soon.
Also, all the vintage Diorissimo print bags especially the pink ones are selling like crazy. After Emily in Paris wore the Pink Diorissimo golf hat, the print became even  more popular if that’s even possible.

So, are you ready to buy your new vintage Dior bag? I bet you are! Before you do, check the gorgeous vintage Dior bags I found for you!

vintage Dior bags