The Best Designer Flat Sandals To Wear All Summer (Not Only) Long

The Best Designer Flat Sandals To Wear All Summer (Not Only) Long

best designer flat sandals

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Are you looking for the best designer flat sandals? You don’t need to search anymore. We have gathered here the best designer flat sandals to wear every day.

I am a girl addicted to flat sandals. I live on a Greek island, so we have summer almost 8 months a year. Therefore, flat sandals are essential to my wardrobe. And when it comes to designer flat sandals, God I can’t resist.
Before we see the best designer flat sandals, let’s clear something up. Flat sandals aren’t ugly or man-repelling shoes. I believed this in high school when I didn’t know anything about style and aesthetics. High heels aren’t the only beautiful shoes . This is probably the biggest styling mistake you can make. Some outfits need flat shoes to actually look good.

There are sandals much more beautiful than your most expensive pair of heels. I will prove this in a while. So, don’t be afraid to be comfortable and gorgeous at the same time.

Do you know what is the best thing about flat sandals? You can wear them with every outfit you have in your closet. Even with a winter outfit, they will look stunning. And if it’s cold, put on a pair of your fanciest socks, even better. It’s the wow factor you need for your outfits, that you didn’t know about until now.


A couple of years ago, I would be convinced that I shouldn’t spend much money on flat sandals. How wrong I was! Cheap flat sandals get worn out very quickly. So you keep buying new ones all the time. So, if you buy a pair of high-quality flat sandals, you  spend the same or even less money. Plus, in this case, you wouldn’t throw away anything to the environment. This is not sustainable. This is the epitome of fast fashion.

Therefore, if you think you save money by buying a plastic $35 pair of flat sandals rather than a $450 leather pair, then sorry, but you are wrong.

So, invest in high-quality items that will save you money and last for a very long time. Try to make your purchases in a more ethical and sustainable way. And being sustainable doesn’t mean boring at all.

A look down below will convince you!