7 Fascinating Slow Fashion Brands You Didn’t Know They Exist

7 Fascinating Slow Fashion Brands You Didn’t Know They Exist

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Lately, we have heard so much about slow fashion and slow fashion brands. But, do we know the meaning of the slow fashion movement or what it stands for?
Slow fashion is the opposite of fast fashion. For instance, ZARA is a typical example of the fast fashion industry. Every year one billion pieces of clothing are produced to be sold in the 6000 ZARA stores.

I wear ZARA, I have spent a lot of money on ZARA clothes and I have supported the fast fashion industry. But lately I’m trying my best to stop doing this or at least reduce it as much as possible. I’m not telling you that I will never buy from ZARA again , but I’ll try to avoid that option.

However, I’m proud that I have almost a year to shop anything from this leading fashion chain.
When I opened my fashion stores, I understood the negative impact these fashion chains have on all the small local businesses and most importantly the planet. Such an amount of clothing production means incalculable pollution for the planet. Factories in China, Bangladesh have destroyed massive areas of nature and turned them into carcinogen dead zones.

We can’t blame only ZARA or any other for this. First, we have to blame ourselves. The fashion industry gives us what we ask for at the exact time we want it and at the lowest price possible.We always ask for more without never thinking about the impact our 19,99$ purchase has on the environment and the local economy!!


But, slow fashion and slow fashion brands can help us be more sustainable and ethical. We need to have  a more holistic fashion point of view.

So, before we move on to the best slow fashion brands that will fascinate you, we will answer your most common questions about slow fashion.

What is considered slow fashion?

Slow fashion is made to last. Slow fashion is focusing on premium quality clothes that will last for a very long time or even be passed through generations. Also, slow fashion is sustainable. It’s all about quality over quantity. For instance, you will buy one piece of high-quality trousers instead of a dozen fast fashion ones , that will be thrown to the garbage after a few months of use. That’s the slow fashion philosophy.

Which are these brands?

Below you will see a list of the best slow fashion brands in the industry. These slow fashion brands are anything but boring. Let’s see them


Marine Serre is a French luxury brand that uses recycled and second-hand clothes to create their collections. Marine Serre has become one of the top pret-a-porter designers by creating the trendiest ”trendless” sustainable fashion.


Did you know that your favorite Prada Re nylon collection is made from recycled plastic from the oceans and fishnets? Congratulations to Prada for this action.


The London-based brand creates luxurious sustainable womenswear that celebrates individuality, authenticity, and sustainability. The brand’s design mantra is “classic but never boring”.


Another London-based brand that’s part of the slow fashion movement. They are producing small sustainable runs of collections, acting against fast fashion. Producing two seasonal collections a year sets the design team at a slower pace, so there’s time to research , then source sustainable fabrics and manufacturing methods. They are committed to creating quality garments, which last and can be worn season after season.


Acne Studios designs high-quality products made for long-term usage with carefully considered materials and techniques. They create desirable products that will last for a long time if not forever. Even though
Acne Studio’s environment rating is ‘not good enough’, Acne Studios try to be ethical and sustainable. We have to appreciate that an Insta favorite brand is not part of fast fashion.


Bite is a luxury womenswear label with a mission to create uncompromisingly sustainable yet thoughtfully designed clothes. The brand uses the finest quality natural organic fibers, recycled and low-impact fabrics complete with environmental and social certifications.


The designer makes all the pieces by herself. She buys only the garments she really needs from the UK. So, there’s no waste here. Olivia Rose’s shop opens every 2 weeks, she can accept only 14 orders at a time. This is real slow fashion and sustainability to me.

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