What Is The Newest Nail Trend Of The Season ?

What Is The Newest Nail Trend Of The Season ?

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Are you wondering what is the newest nail trend? Well, the good news is that there is more than one new nail trend, and secondly we know them all.
Also, no matter the length of your natural nails or your addiction to gel nails, these trends work great for you either way.

This season the nail trends are colorful and playful. Classic nudes are always in the game, and we have some newbies like the animal print nails. Would you dare to go for the cow nails? Of course, you will.

So if you are asking what are the new nail trends for the season, here you will see every nail trend rocking your Instagram and Pinterest feed.
Some girls love to go to the salon, but others prefer to DIY at home. Don’t worry DIY girls, we have picked the best nail polishes and accessories, so you can create every nail trend you have seen.

If you are wondering which nail shape is the most popular right now. The almond shape is the number one shape. The long square shape is coming back and the coffin is always in our hearts!

So, let’s see what are the new nail trends you are looking for.


Some claim that Kylie Jenner started this trend. It doesn’t matter who started the trend, all that matters is that ”colorful waves” are awesome. It’s the it-girls’ favorite manicure at the moment. But, what about you, my favorite it-girls?

what is the newest nail trend kylie jenner


This is my favorite nail trend for the season.  That’s a twisted classic, and I’m crazy about these things.

source @pinterest


The first person I saw doing leopard nails was my sister. They were more than awesome! To be honest, I felt jealous. The next month she showed up with cow nails! Again, they were the coolest nails I’ve ever seen.

what is the newest nail trend animal print
source @pinterest


I love holographic nails, actually I love anything iridescent so… You can use pastel shades for the most beautiful mermaid nails you have ever done! Feel the magic!

what is the newest nail trend mermaid nails


We love colors and playful nails but a classic nude is always the best option, isn’t it? When you feel overwhelmed with all the nail designsand bold colors, only a nude shade can save your day!

@source pinterest


We spoke about the colored french manicure. But the french color block manicure is on a whole other level. The base and the tip are completely different colors .Gigi did it ! Take a look below to see what I mean.

source @pinterest


The chicest girly nail trend for the season! Prefer a beautiful nude base and paint some little white daisies on top, and just like that, you have the best manicure ever!

source @pinterest


Do you know why rainbow nails are always the best option? Because you can choose all the colors in the world. I feel so nervous every time I have to choose only one color. However, now I can choose ten instead of one. I mean life is too short to use one color at a time, isn’t it?

source @pinterest


Since I saw Amina Muaddi with orange toenails and a pair of her gorgeous sandals, orange became my favorite nail color. What about you?

source @pinterest

These are the hottest nail trend for the season! Which one was your favorite one? You know mine already!