These are the Dior Bags Under $500 You Should Buy Asap

These are the Dior Bags Under $500 You Should Buy Asap

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Are there any Dior bags under $500? Yes, they are. And most of them are gorgeous vintage pieces that Kylie Jenner would be jealous about. It’s possible to find Dior bags under $500, but you should know where to look for these treasures. Don’t worry we will reveal these secrets later.

Adding a Dior bag to your collection is always a good thing but adding Dior bags under $500 is always the best. Think how many dollars you would save for your next luxury purchase or your next trip to Ibiza. Also, you will mostly look for vintage or preloved Dior bags because of the budget. Vintage Dior bags are so trendy right now, everyone wants to wear vintage Dior. From Emily in Paris to Kyle Jenner, all the it-girls love to wear vintage Dior. What about you?
As for me, vintage Dior is my passion lately. I recently ordered a pair of pink Diorissimo mules and I’m so excited about it.

Therefore , now it’s time to uncover all the secrets on how to get Dior bags under $500. The first and the most important rule is to not even bother to look for a brand new Dior bag from the boutique. According to, the Dior oblique belt pouch costs $800, and it’s the cheapest brand new Dior bag you can get. Therefore, looking for vintage is your only option and that’s a really good thing , especially now that vintage is at it’s best!!

Where to buy vintage or preloved Dior bags under $500? ,, and are all great second-hand retailers you can trust. All of the retailers above have services (free or charge) that can authenticate the product you ordered. The expert team runs quality control over your product, so they make sure that you don’t get a fake bag. Also, there is a huge variety you can choose from. There is no limit in the designs, colors,sizes etc. This is  the vintage and  preloved world, you can shop anything and look cooler than ever.

These sites are full of beautiful Dior bags under $500, but we know that you are a busy girl, so we sellected for you the best Dior bags under $500 to buy before it’s too late. Because remember you are not the only one looking for treasures under $500. So, hurry up .

Also, has a payment program in association with Klarna so you can easily pay in installments. Wear now, pay later!
Therefore, even if your finances aren’t the best right now, you can still get your dreamy Dior bag under $500 with the help of Klarna.

So, let’s see what we have found for you!

Let’s start the  Dior bags under $500 shopping . If you scroll down you will find some Dior saddle babes (omg under $500) and as seen on Kylie Jenner Pink Diorissimo  pvc bag ! 

Scroll until the end and you will find your dream Dior bag under $500.