These Are The Louis Vuitton Bags Under 500 To Get Before Everyone Else

These Are The Louis Vuitton Bags Under 500 To Get Before Everyone Else

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There’s no 90’s baby that doesn’t love Louis Vuitton bags. I am a 90’s baby, and I can’t  imagine my wardrobe without any Louis Vuitton bags in it. I always wanted to add more Louis Vuitton bags to my collection, but my budget is always the problem. So, I’m looking for Louis Vuitton bags under 500, that I can actually afford.

Some days I used to spend so much time looking for Himalayan Birkins and other over my budget beautiful stuff. But, not anymore. Today, we are looking for the coolest affordable Louis Vuitton bags  to refresh our style and wardrobe. Also, Louis Vuitton bags under 500 will save your bank account too.
But before we see the list with the most fabulous Louis Vuitton bags under 500, we will answer your most common questions about these bags.

What is the cheapest Louis Vuitton bag?

According to, the most affordable Louis Vuitton bag is the Louis Vuitton pochette for $790. This is the cheapest Louis Vuitton bag you can get in a Louis Vuitton boutique.
On the other hand if you are interested in preloved Louis Vuitton babes,then you can get some great deals at .

 Where to find Louis Vuitton bags under $500?

In the Louis Vuitton world, the amount of $500 is not a big deal (the opposite from the real world), so you should better forget buying a Louis Vuitton bag under $500 from their boutiques. You should think more sustainable and prefer a preloved Louis Vuitton bag! Nowadays, the most fashionable thing you can wear is vintage, isn’t it? So your go to source for affordable Louis Vuitton bags are online luxury second hand retailers , such as , , etc.

Is it safe to buy a vintage or preloved Louis Vuitton bag?

If you know where to shop, then it’s safe. It’s risky enough to buy a second-hand Louis Vuitton bag from a retailer called bestlouisvuittonbags for example. But, if you shop from,, then you don’t have many things to worry about. These retailers are legit and they all have a service(free or charge) to authenticate the products you buy before they arrive to your door. The products go under quality control and you can be sure that no fakes  will pass your door step!

So, let’s see the most beautiful Louis Vuitton bags under $500. If you find your dream Louis Vuitton bag (and you will) and it’s under $500, don’t hesitate to buy it asap. Because it’s not only your dream bag, it’s someone else’s too! I have lost many dream bag deals this way and it was hard!

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source @pinterest


source @pinterest
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