These Are The Best Shimmer Body Oils You Need For Summer

These Are The Best Shimmer Body Oils You Need For Summer

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I love my shimmer body oil. If there’s one thing I can’t survive summer without , that is my shimmer body oil. It’s the ultimate glow-up summer secret. If you are wondering how to get the perfect glowing and tanned skin, then a shimmer body oil is your answer. It’s so simple but  so effective.

Beforen I started using shimmer body oil, I thought that it’s just another  product in my beauty routine, nothing special. I wish I knew then what I know now. It’s the best product in my summer(and not only) beauty routine.
As you can see , I’m passionate about shimmer body oils and their magical beauty benefits. Therefore, after my extended research, I can tell you which are the best shimmer body oils in the market.
But before this, let’s answer your most common questions about the best shimmer body oils.

What is shimmer body oil used for?

Shimmer body oils are used to nourish and glow up your skin. The formulas are designed to give a soft and pleasing feel right after application. After the application, your skin looks glowing and tanned (if the product is colored). If you are looking for an instant glowing effect, then that’s the product you need.

Where do you apply shimmer body oil?

The collarbone, d├ęcolletage, tops of the shoulders. and your arms are the parts you should definitely apply your shimmer body oil. For the maximum glowing effect, you should apply it all over your body (that’s the application I love). If your face’s skin isn’t super sensitive, you should apply a small amount of it all over your face before your foundation.

Which shimmer body is the best?

I wish it could be so easy to choose the best shimmer body oil. There are many excellent shimmer body oils out there. The main difference between them is the price.
For example, I love my shimmer body oil from Body Shop ($26), but the Tom Ford shimmer body oil (check it here )is also bomb ($100). You see the difference. It depends on the amount you want to spend on your shimmer body oil.
Therefore, among the best shimmer body oils, you can find different price tags. Choose what fits all your needs.

Below you will find the best shimmer body oils for all budgets chosen by a shimmer body oil nerd ;p.