18 Gucci Bags Under $500 So You Don’t Break The Bank

18 Gucci Bags Under $500 So You Don’t Break The Bank

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Gucci’s been one of the top brands for a long time now, and it will continue to stay on top for many more decades. Everyone loves Gucci staff. It’s a Guccimania out there!

Whatever Alessandro Michele creates becomes a trend in no time. Gucci has managed to create huge trends straight from the runway. The products become trendy before they even go out in the stores. That’s phenomenal!

That’s why we love collecting Gucci pieces and especially bags. But, let’s be honest, it is not easy to spend $2000 or more on a new Gucci bag.

How to get the dreamy Gucci bag unde $500 

We may be willing to die for this bag, but we can’t afford it. So, what’s the next step ? Are we going to stop collecting the things we love, or are we going to get what we want at the price we want? I’m the girl who doesn’t take no for answer, so I will go for the second option.

Are you stepping into a Gucci boutique (I know they are gorgeous) and looking for a bag under $500? It’s not impossible that you will find something. However, it will be small and looking more like a wallet rather than a bag. And it’s amazing if you are cool with that. I love micro bags! You can create the most stylish looks with micro bags! But in case you are looking for something bigger that will fit all your daily essentials , then you should look other ways.

Where to buy Gucci bags under $500?

You can buy a brand new Gucci bag from Gucci.com or net-a-porter.com, myrheresa.com, etc. But it will be something small, not a bag you can fit your daily essentials in. If you are looking for an everyday bag, this is not the best option for you, unless you want to carry your iPhone, credit card, and keys only.

Therefore, if you want to buy Gucci bags under $500, then the best choice is to go for a preloved one.

I love preloved and vintage stuff so much ! They are unique and cool. Nowadays is much cooler to wear vintage designer pieces than looks from the runway. We have to partially thank Kylie Jenner for this!
So, if you are going to purchase second-hand Gucci bags for under $500, you will be able to choose among many different Gucci bags. Styles, colors you will have so many options , but for a brand new the choices you have for Gucci bags under $500 are soooo little.

Is it safe to buy second-hand Gucci bags under $500?

If you know where to shop, then it’s 100% safe. You should go for legit retailers like vestiairecollective.com, www.theluxurycloset.com, rebag.com, etc. These sites have years and years of experience and a huge reputation for selling vintage and second hand so they can really guarantee you the authenticity and the quality of the bag (in some with an extra small cost). So, there’s the possibilities of you buying a fakeare close to none. So, you can feel safe.

Where to buy second-hand Gucci bags under $500?

As I mentioned before, vestiairecollective.com, rebag.com are legit second-hand sites you can trust buying Gucci bags under $500.