How To Look Like A Rich Girl Even If You Are Broke

How To Look Like A Rich Girl Even If You Are Broke

how to look like a rich girl

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Lately, we have heard many times the phrase ”how to look like a rich girl”. But what does this mean? First, we need to clear up that it’s not only anout money.
You can look ”rich” and luxurious even if your bank account is almost empty. Trust me, I do that all my life.
Looking ”rich” has to do with the details. If you pay attention to them, then dressing ”rich” will be a piece of cake for you.
So, how to dress like a rich teenage girl is not as expensive as you thought it would be.

Here are all the details you must pay attention at :


With this small expense, your outfits will look much more expensive and luxurious.No matter how expensive a piece of clothing is ,  if it doesn’t fit good, it doesn’t look like luxury. Perfect fitting is the number one factor for ”rich” dressing.


Accessories, even the budget-friendly ones make your outfits ”rich” instantly. Try to add some gold hoops to your outfit and you will see the difference. It’s all on the accessories, babe!


Beautiful, combed hair is another detail that will help you with  your ”rich” looking mission. Frizzy hair is the biggest  enemy of ”rich”. You don’t need to visit hairdressers every day for that. Try to blow dry your hair at home with the help of this(click here) Revlon hair dryer brush. Also, have you ever thought to sleep on a pair of a silk pillowcases?Check them here! Your hair and your skin will thank you for that.


If you want to dress like a rich girl while you are on a budget, you should invest in timeless pieces. Rich people make investments all the time , right !! Not in stocks but in fashion. So, you should invest too. Fast fashion may seem fancy but it fades very quickly.


If your concern is how to look like a rich girl, then you should always choose quality over quality. For example, avoid spending money on buying many cheap clothes and tons of stuff to fill your closet , instead choose to buy a high-quality item that will transform all your outfits.
Check below the items that will easily transform your looks from ”nada to Prada”.


Have you ever noticed that your favorite it-girls prefer to wear small but high-quality brands? Brands that aren’t in the front line like Magda Butrym, Brock Collection, KHAITE … will give you the ”rich” girl’s dressing status.


Think of a rich girl you know. Let’s think about Kylie Jenner. She always has her nails done. There’s no ”rich” dressing if your nails aren’t on fleek. So, maybe it’s time to book your next nail appointment.


Your makeup has the power to change your whole appearance. A bad blending, eyeliner, or lip liner you hastily draw , can destroy your ”rich” girl look.

So, you just found out how to look like a rich girl even if you are broke . Pay attention to the details!!!