How To Haircare In Summer – The Ultimate Summer Hair Care Routine

How To Haircare In Summer – The Ultimate Summer Hair Care Routine

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That’s the ultimate summer haircare routine. If you need to know how to hair care in summer, this the only post you need to read.
Haircare is a big chapter in any woman’s life. We take care of our hair since we are in elementary school. We braid them, we shampoo them, and we use some techniques to make them look more beautiful. But, did we take really good care of them?

Our hair and skin have different needs every season. However, we are going to focus on the summer hair care routine you should follow for healthy and glowing hair.
Summer means sunkissed skin and cocktails, but it also could mean dehydration and dryness. These two are your hair’s biggest enemies.
How to hair care in summer is quite easy, if you know the right steps to follow.

Therefore, let’s see the steps of the ideal summer haircare routine.


It’s time to give a boost to your hair by getting rid of your dead ends. You will improve your hair’s health and refresh your hair shape. Anyways, a haircut is always a good idea , isn’t it? 


One day in the hair salon, my hairstylist told me that sunscreen is not only for my body but for my hair too. Since then I think hair sunscreen is the same important as my skin sunscreen. 

You need to protect your hair from the sun’s rays. One of the most effective ways to do this is by putting hair on sunscreen. Check below the beat available hair sunscreens. 


Another way to protect your hair from the bad UV rays is by wearing your stylish hat always. That’s a win-win situation. You protect your hair from the sun’s rays and at the same time upgrade your outfit!


During summer days your hair becomes drier and thirstier. So, you need to hydrate your hair as much as possible. The use of an effective hydrating shampoo and conditioner will help you a lot.


Another great way to moisturize your hair is by applying a hair mask once a week. For example, my favorite hair mask is the Olaplex 3 hair mask. I have written a detailed review of this mask here. Olaplex 3 makes hair wonders, but below you can check other great hair masks.


Your hair is already ”burning” from the sun and the summer heat. Therefore, using extra ”burn” on your hair will only make things worst. You need as much hydration as you can get during summer, not a 220C straightener.

These were the six-step summer hair care routine that will give you glowing and healthy hair. If you want to take care of your hair and protect them from UV rays and dehydration, you should know how to haircare in summer. This mini-guide showed you what you need to do. Which one was your favorite step?