How To Style Slip Dresses Easily And Look Like A Fashion Editor

How To Style Slip Dresses Easily And Look Like A Fashion Editor

how to style slip dresses

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Slip dresses have become one of our favorite trends for a while now. Therefore, knowing how to style slip dresses is a serious fashion matter. Slip dresses are the ones you either love or hate. But, even if you believe that you hate them, you badly want to wear them.
The point is that every girl out there wants to wear a slip-dress outfit. That’s so normal because our Instagram lives have been bombed with cute pics of amazing girls wearing slip-dresses.
So, you should know all the secrets on how to style slip dresses in order to create the perfect slip dress outfit, which none of us can resist.

Let’s see how to style slip dresses and look like a super model.


The easiest and most stylish way to wear a slip dress is to do nothing. Wear your slip dress, your baguette bag, your mules, a hair claw clip on your hair, and you are ready to go! The effortless and cool way to style slip dresses.


Again this is a super easy and stylish way to wear your slip dress. A perfect outfit for the office or for dinner with your girlfriends! It’s the same outfit as the ”out of bed” slip dress look  with just a blazer on top. So, here you can upgrade the look by wearing the right blazer. Try a color contrast between the slip dress and the blazer, or go for an extravagant blazer!


You can create this look with a classic t-shirt or with a shirt. However, this depends on the vibes you want to add to your outfit. For a casual look put your favorite t-shirt on, if you want this look to be more formal then go for a nice sharp or romantic shirt.
First, wear your shirt or t-shirt and then wear your lingerie dress over that! Ready to go ! Oh, don’t forget your accessories !


Let’s be honest, if you are a New Yorker or a Londoner you cannot go out with just a slip dress during winter or even fall. You will freeze. So, you need something to warm up a little. Therefore, there’s nothing better than a cozy and warm sweater over your fancy dress. Don’t forget to add a pair of bold earrings to your outfit, to glam it up!


A denim jacket is a piece that every woman owns. So, it’s the perfect addition to your slip dress outfit for a breezy summer night out!


Wearing your favorite slip dress with sneakers shows that you have style and not that you can’t wear heels , so definitely rock this look. So wearing your sneakers with a slip dress is always a stylish option.


Your boyfriend just called you to go for dinner the last minute? Well, if you have a slip dress, there is no reason to panic. You need your slip dress, a pair of fancy shoes, some accessories to glam up and you are ready to go!

Now, you know how to style slip dresses and you are fully ready to wear this trend. From your 9-5 job to your party nights, the slip dress outfits will always be your most stylish friend.