2021 Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Dates – All You Should Know

2021 Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Dates – All You Should Know

nordstrom anniversary sale dates

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Summer is an exciting season not only because of vacations, beach, sun, and cocktails but also for the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. Back in the day, I was wondering why everyone is freaking over Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. But then I didn’t know how this sale works.

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Nordstrom Anniversary sale is a very unique sale. Why? Because fall items go on sale before the season starts! Yes, you heard right. You will have the opportunity to shop your new collection fall closet on sale before even the season begins. Usually, during this sale period, we buy summer stuff, but during the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale, you will shop what you need for the following season.

But now you must be wondering when does the Nordstorm Anniversary Sale start?

Usually, it starts in July and ends in August. Last year because of the pandemic the Nordstorm Anniversary sale started a little bit later.
Let’s see 2021 Nordstrom Anniversary Sale dates :

Everyone regardless of their Nordstorm Club Status can preview the sale on the 6th of July, but the date you can start shopping depends on your Club Status. Specifically :

6th of July(3 am ET/12 am PT) – PREVIEW AND WISHLIST – Available to everyone, regardless of Nordstrom club status.

12th of July -Early Access -It’s time to get into your Nordstorm.com account and see your club status and check your sale access date. Specific for:
Icons Nordy Club Status the early access date is 12th of July
-Ambassadors Nordy Club Status the early access date is 14th of July
-Influencers Nordy Club Status the early access date is 16th of July

28 July starts the Public Access (3 am ET/12 am PT)

08 August – Sale ends . Prices go back up on August 9 .

So , there are the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Dates for 2021 . Now, that you know when the Nordstorm Anniversary Sale starts, you can plan your shopping before everyone else!

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Stay tuned, because there will be a Nordstorm Anniversary Sale catalog 2021 soon!

But before the Anniversary Sale starts , let’s see the BEST DEALS on Nordstrom right now !