How To Take Care Of Luxury Bags-Ultimate Guide

How To Take Care Of Luxury Bags-Ultimate Guide

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How many luxury-designer bags do you have? Let me guess, a lot. But, how do you take care of luxury bags? If you have spent half your annual salary on these luxurious beauties, then you should know how to take care of them.
Designer bags have become not only an expensive hobby or a way to satisfy our vanity but a serious investment.
Did you know that a Birkin bag is a better investment than gold? Imagine that if you buy a Birkin bag or a Chanel flap bag, you will be able to make a profit if you resell it even years later. But how big the profit will be depends on the bag’s condition. If you can keep your luxury bags in very good condition then you will resell them for more than you paid.

However, even if you don’t treat your designer handbags as investments, you don’t want to carry a distressed and torn apart bag, do you? Therefore you need to learn how to take care of luxury bags as soon as possible.
So, let’s see how to take care of luxury bags.



Yes, there are many spas for your bags. For example, Chanel and Hermes have a spa service for their bags. Also, there are individual spas that can help you preserve your bag in excellent condition. Both options, come with a charge. In this spa, your bag will be brand new.

They will take very good care of your bag. From polishing to strap and hardware changes to color changes, after the spa weekend your bag will be new again. The is one of the best bag spas you can find .
If you have a Chanel or Hermes bag that you wish to resell in the future, then it’s better to trust the brand’s spa. There are rumors that if your Chanel or Hermes bag goes under an individual spa processing, it will lose authenticity.


If you wish your bags to remain shiny and soft, then you should polish them. But, you must be wondering how to polish your bag. Well, you need a shoe polish for this. Use the shoe polish once a month, and your bag will remain shiny like a diamond forever.


I have a fabric Chanel flab bag that doesn’t smell really good. How did this happen? If , for example , you carry your fabric bag with you for your night out and the people in the club are smoking , then your bag is going to smell bad and the same thing with food smells . So, avoid carrying your fabric bags in spaces that smell weird because they will smell the same. And that is a factor that decreases the resale value. Anyway, who wants a Chanel bag that smells weird?


Also, the condition of your bag’s interior is an important factor that can increase or decrease the value of your bag. With a simple bag organizer like this one, you can protect your bag’s lining from stains and dirt. An open pen or lipstick can destroy the interior of your luxury bag and the worst thing (that has actually happened to me with a louis vuitton bag) is chocolate or gum in the hot summer months. However, if you use a purse organizer you will protect the interior of your bag and thats a great way to keep your bag in shape , literally. It is very important that your structured bag , a boxy bag doesn’t loose it’s shape and the best and most practical way to achieve that is by using these clever bag organizers ,that will save your life and not only your bag’s shape. Of course an alternative is to stuff your bag with tissue paper , or , as I do, with all the hundreds of useless shoe dustbags that just take space in your wardrobe!!


Every time I am about to buy a vintage bag my husband (and co-editor) and I spend so much time looking at the bag’s corners. The corners of the bag are the details that can make your bag look brand new or old and really worn. Therefore, you should be careful when you are carrying your bags not to hurt the corners as much as possible , of course we want to enjoy our luxury bags , let’s just try not to ruin them 
In addition, the bag spas we mentioned above can add a protective layer on your bag’s corners so they will be more durable.


Never wear your light-color bag with dark clothes like jeans (they’re the biggest enemy of your white bags) unless you want to destroy the bag’s color. This usually does not happen overnight , but it also can. But if you constantly do this, then your bag’s color will be stained for good. Therefore, be careful with your outfit’s color palette.


If you are living in a rainy city like London and you don’t want your suede Chanel bag to be full of stains then you should wear a trenchcoat (cover) on your bag. You can see the best bag covers here.

However , there is also a Chanel cover for your bags too !!! 


Wherever your designer bags are stored, a dehumidifier should go stay them. Putting a dehumidifier in the room you have put your designer handbags is life saving . The humidity can totally destroy your bags.

So, now you know to take care of luxury bags. Cherish your beauties but always be careful. Taking care of your luxury bags is quite easy. It takes a little money (except if your bags want to go to the spa once a month)and effort. However, it increases your resale profit, and you are always carrying a shiny and fresh bag!