How To Use A Hair Claw Clip Like A Model

How To Use A Hair Claw Clip Like A Model

how to use a hair claw clip

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Would you like to add a new hairstyle to your routine? An easy hairstyle that will help you get through the bad hair days. Well, I have the best one for you. You only need a hair claw clip.
Hair claw clips have become a huge trend through the years. I remember  when wearing them was so out of fashion. But now it’s the hottest hair accessory you can wear if you know how to wear it properly. You should know how to use it to achieve a cool girl’s look instead of a ”granny’s”.
So, hair claw clips are the key to elevate your hairstyles effortlessly.
So, let’s do it like a model.


1.THE 90’s UP DO 

Kendall Jenner was one of the supermodels to rock this hairstyle, and we immediately fell in love with it. It is so easy but so good at the same time that no one can resist.

. So, in case you are wondering how to use a hair claw clip like a model, simply 

-gather your hair into a low unsecured ponytail 

-twist the half of your unsecured ponytail 

-raise the twisted base of your ponytail and secure at the bottom with the hair claw clip, let the rest of the hair fall.

This hairstyle works better if you have low bangs to frame your face. But you can rock it no matter your hair length and type. It’s an easy up-to-fly updo.


This is the hairstyle we all grew up with. I remember my great-grandma telling me how important it is to have your hair pulled back . She claimed you look more beautiful this way. Anyway, this is a zero-minute hairstyle I do all the time. 

How to :
-firstly, brush or blow-dry your hair to reduce frizz
-pull half of your hair back and secure with the hair claw clip
And you are ready ! However this hairstyle applies, the fancier the hair clip the fancier the hairstyle. Therefore you should look at the fanciest hair claw clips below.



Ballerina bun is your hair savior when it comes to a bad hair day, isn’t it? But if you are tired of the classic ballerina bun, you can easily upgrade the style by using a hair claw clip. Wondering how to?
-gather your hair back into a middle ponytail and secure it with an elastic band.
-twist all your hair and then wrap your twisted ponytail around the elastic band
-secured with the hair claw clip and for extra hold use some bobby pins.

Now, you should no longer be wondering how to use a hair claw clip. These were the 3 coolest ways to wear your favorite hair claw clip. It’s super easy and you are going to have a supermodel’s hairstyle without visiting your hairdresser.