Are Quilted Bags In Style 2021?

Are Quilted Bags In Style 2021?

are quilted bags in style

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Are quilted bags in style 2021? First, we aren’t dealing with a fleeting trend. Well, quilted bags have been in our lives and closets forever. I don’t know where to start. From the Chanel classic flap bag to the Lady Dior, many legendary bags we love are quilted.
So, quilted bags are definitely a classic. But are quilted bags in style 2021?

If you are asking me if quilted bags are trendy. My answer is a big Yes!! If you have an Instagram account (you should follow mine here), you know that the Bottega mania started in 2019 and it doesn’t seem to fade anytime soon. Again, quilted bags are classic but they became ”hot” after Bottega Venetta’s big comeback. Since then, everybody wears them or wants to wear them.
Bottega made a super classic pattern into the trendiest thing in the fashion world. We thank Bottega for that because we love quilted bags!


Like we mentioned before, many iconic handbags loved by celebrities and royalty are quilted. If you love to follow the trends but want to add timeless pieces to your collection, these pieces are the best match for you.


This is the reason we are discussing if quilted bags are in style 2021. So, after Bottega’s magnificent comeback with it’s intruiging  ”intreciatto”, all the fashion world including Instagram carry these bags.


If you love puffy, fluffy things, then these bags are perfect for you. Also, is there anyone who remembers the iconic Chanel Cocoon collection? This is the ultimate puff quilted bag. If you would like to see this iconic bag click here.


This bag looks fluffier than my couch’s pillows. The house’s iconic bag makes us love the quilted trend even more . The pillow bag by Margiela is a bag you need to add to your collection.

Are quilted bags in style 2021?

Quilted bags were always classic but now they are trendy too. So, quilted bags are the ultimate handbags to carry for 2021.Therefore, there is no better time for you to invest in a fancy super-trendy quilted bag than now.