Should I Get A BB Or CC Cream ?-What’s Better For Your Skin?

Should I Get A BB Or CC Cream ?-What’s Better For Your Skin?

should I use a bb or cc cream ?

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BB and CC creams are beauty products that came into our lives recently. But, they quickly became popular and part of our beauty routines. All the beauty gurus use them and claim that they can’t live without them. But do you know what these creams do ? Or have you been wondering if you should use a bb cream or cc cream?
Αlso ,we are talking about new additions to the ”ancient” beauty world. For example, I’ve known what foundation is since I was 10 years old(or maybe even younger). But ,I first heard about BB and CC creams 8-9 years after that. So do we really  know what these products are for? I mean most of us started wearing them because of the trend or because a sales assistant said “that’s a great product”.

They are great beauty products indeed. To have the best result you should stop asking ”should I use a bb or cc cream ”. You should learn which is the best for you and your precious skin.

Firstly, you should know what these creams are  and what are their differences. Next, we will decide what’s the perfect match for your needs and your skin type.

Also ,each skin type has completely different needs and , if your goal is a flawless and healthy skin ,then you should consider these needs.

What’s a BB cream?

BB stands for ”beauty balm” or ”blemish balm”.Think of a BB cream as a moisturizing, light finish foundation. If you are a girl who loves the ”no make-up” look that’s the best option for you. Moreover, BB creams contain ingredients like vitamins, moisturizers, brighteners, and mineral SPF.
In case your BB’s SPF is 30 or higher you don’t need to wear extra sunscreen. But if it is less than 30, then you should use sunscreen with SPF 30 or more.

What’s a CC cream?

CC means ”color control” or ”complexion corrector”. CC creams usually have a fluffy, whipped texture. Their finish is matte. In addition ,CC creams are formulated to correct skin problems like redness, dullness, acne scaring, etc. Also ,most CC creams contain vitamins, moisturizers, brighteners, mineral SPF, and anti-aging ingredients.CC creams can ”cover up” the skin problems we mentioned above. 

Should I use a BB or CC cream?

This depends on your skin type, needs, and your desired finish.

What’s better for dry skin?

Above all,your skin is thirsty, so you have to hydrate it. Therefore, the best choice for yours is a BB cream. So,consider BB cream as a hydrating foundation with a light finish. Also ,that’s what dry skin needs for becoming flawless and healthy.

What’s better for oily skin?

Oily skin has more needs than a dry one. Accordingly, you need more.A good CC cream can provide them to you , indeed. In fact ,the texture and the ingredients are designed to prime and cover your skin’s imperfections.

What’s better for combination skin?

If you have combination skin, then you should focus on the ”biggest” problem your skin is facing at the time. Further ,according to this ”problem” you should choose between BB and CC. For example, let’s say that you have dry skin and some redness. Again,you should think about what’s the most annoying problem right now. Also,If you think that you need extra hydration then go for a BB cream.

But you know what’s great about BB and CC cream? That you can use them together!!! You will have double protection, hide blemishes, color correction, and double glow!

If you don’t have already one of them or both of them in your beauty routine there’s no better time to do that !!!