Is Fendi Baguette Worth It ?

Is Fendi Baguette Worth It ?

is Fendi baguette worth it ?

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Is  Fendi baguette worth it?

Well, we are talking about a legendary bag. Many fashion insiders claim that the Fendi baguette bag is the first-ever it-bag. So Is Fendi baguette worth it? Also, is the Fendi baguette a classic?

Yes, every penny you are going to spend is worth it, that’s the answer.
Fendi baguette bag is the brand’s most iconic bag. Every time I step into a Fendi store I’m looking to find this amazing wall covered in gold needles and all the beautiful baguette bags that emerge from background.

The Fendi baguette is worth the hype because of the surpassing quality. Every Fendi bag and generally every product is made the best possible way. From the materials to the craftsmanship, Fendi is known for its ridiculously high quality.

Also, the Fendi baguette bag is a timeless, classic piece. This is not an expensive Instagram trendy bag that will last for six months.
On the other side, the Fendi baguette is one of the hottest trends and one of the most iconic classic bags. So, it’s never out of fashion.

If we leave behind the quality and the bag’s status, is the Fendi baguette bag worth the money?

How much is a Fendi baguette bag?

Among other bags, the Fendi baguette has a well-set price range. It’s one of the most affordable iconic bags out there.
According to the price range for a brand new baguette bag is between $1190$14500( check here). Also, according to, you need to spend between $320-$1115 to get your hands on a preloved Fendi baguette (check the $320 here).

But what about the other timeless, iconic bags like the Chanel flap bag or the Birkin?

According to the prices for a preloved Hermes Birkin bag are from $7930-$225000 ( check the $225000 Birkin here) and for a Chanel flap bag are $1855-33200.
So, in comparison with the other legendary bags, the Fendi baguette bag wins when it comes to the money.

During the last couple of years the price for a second-hand Fendi baguette bag increased suddenly. The same thing happened with the Dior saddle bag. Five years ago, you could buy a preloved saddle bag for about $300, and now you need $3000. The same is happening with the Fendi baguette, so hurry up!!!! Make your investment now!!!!

To sum up, it is so cool to carry a 90’s style Fendi baguette bag right now. It’s a timeless piece. It’s a bag you need to add to your collection. Invest in timeless pieces like this and not in fast fashion. Save money, upgrade your style and be more sustainable.