The Ultimate Balenciaga Hourglass Bag Review You Need To Read – Is It Worth It ?

The Ultimate Balenciaga Hourglass Review You Need To Read - Is It Worth It?

Balenciaga hourglass bag review

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Our lives have changed dramatically during the last year, but one thing that never changes is our love for bags. So, the Balenciaga hourglass bag review is our topic today. Is Balenciaga hourglass bag worth it? Is Balenciaga hourglass bag a classic?
So don’t worry, this is the ultimate Balenciaga hourglass bag review and all your questions for this bag will be answered.
It’s been a while since I started noticing the Balenciaga hourglass bag carried by my favorite girls. I am wondering if this is the next it-bag?
Balenciaga always creates amazing, high-quality bags. But lately, the brand’s bags were not on our wishlists. Was it because of the Guccimania or because Balenciaga couldn’t catch our attention the right way? Anyways, now the Balenciaga hourglass bag is here to stay.
So let’s start with the one and only Balenciaga hourglass bag review you need to read.

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1.What’s the size of the Balenciaga hourglass bag?

The Balenciaga hourglass bag comes in six sizes. The sizes are mini (nano), xs, small, medium , the Balenciaga hourglass top handle and Hourglass Stretched Top Handle 

 . See below the exact dimensions of each size.

 MINI L4,7 x H3,9 x W1,7 inch

  XS. L7,4 x H5,1 x W3,1 inch

SMALL L9 x H5,9 x W3,9 inch

MEDIUM L12,6 x H9 x W4,7 inch



There also some other types of this bag like the Balenciaga hourglass wallet in chain. You can take a look here.

2.How much a Balenciaga hourglass bag cost?

MINI $795-$850

XS $1450-$2090

SMALL $1650-$2290

MEDIUM $1950 -$2490



3.What’s the material?

Most Balenciaga hourglass bags are made of calfskin. There are other models made of fur.


4.How’s the Balenciaga hourglass bag inside and outside?

The Balenciaga hourglass bag is a box. The bag has its own unique structure. Also, the lining is Nappa lambskin leather and there’s a zipped pocket  in the interior. Plus an external back pocket as well. There’s an adjustable and removable leather strap and a studded magnet closure. And don’t forget the iconic B hardware

5.What can a Balenciaga hourglass bag fit in?

Well, that has to do with the size you will choose. For example, the mini Balenciaga hourglass is like the Chiquito by Jacquemus, so it fits only your card and keys. Sometimes not even your lipstick.
But, the small size can fit all your everyday essentials. But again, this depends 100% on you. If you consider yourself a maximalist then you should go for the medium one.

Think, what are your everyday essentials, and only then you can make the right choice about the size. But the medium Balenciaga hourglass bag can cover most of our everyday needs.

6.What color should I choose?

Again, that has to do with your style and vibe. If you would like to invest in a classic piece, go for the black. The black one is so chic and you can wear it with pretty much everything. From your gym outfits to your fancy office look. Every girl can rock the black Balenciaga bag!

But if you are comfortable with colors and your heart wants one, then go for them. I love playing with colors. The pink Balenciaga hourglass bag has stolen my heart and it’s already in my yearly budget.

But because you are going to spend some dollars, choose the one you will wear a lot! If you feel minimal lately, rock the black one. If you feel playful and love colors, then go for a bright bold color.

7.Is Balenciaga hourglass bag a classic?

It’s a little early to say if this bag is a classic. It needs time to see if a bag is here to stay. When Gabrielle Coco Chanel made the 2.55 flap bag, nobody knew that this bag would be the ultimate classic.
It’s a hot new design and it has already been an it-bag. So, it sounds like classic material to me. We just have to wait and see.

8.Is the Balenciaga bag worth it?

Balenciaga is known for its high-quality products and especially bags. I have a Balenciaga city bag for nearly 10 years now  and I’m still rocking this beauty. It’s a bag you will have and cherish forever.
The bag’s structure is amazing. Boxy bags will always be in style and upgrade any outfit you wear. So, if you are wondering if is the Balenciaga hourglass bag  worth it, it’s a big yes from me.

The Balenciaga hourglass bag is the new bag all fashion insiders love. The design keeps selling out all the time so if you really want one, you should buy it now before it’s too late.