Are puff sleeves in style 2021 ?

Are Puff Sleeves In Style 2021?

Are puff sleeves in style 2021? The puff sleeve trend began in 2018. During 2019-2020 everybody wore puff -enormous sleeves in every color or design you can imagine. Runways filled up with big ballooned shoulders. From Fendi to Simone Rocha and J.W. Anderson, everybody was part of this trend. Also, every high street brand you know launched a puff sleeve collection.

Fashionistas were crazy about this new trend. But, is this trend new? The puff sleeve trend was enormous back in the 80s. The love for the ’80s and ’90s brought this fashion thing back to life. But are puff sleeves in style in 2021?

We are not dealing with a fleeting trend this time. The puff sleeve trend is here to stay! As summer approaches, we need them in our wardrobe more than ever. Breezy fabrics, beautiful colors, and patterns can enhance the whole puff sleeve trend even more. For another season, dresses with puff sleeves will star in the styling game. And we can not envision any summer, even a Covid one, without them.
Bridgerton (romantic, most-viewed Netflix series) may have affected us. We’ve seen Daphne in so many gorgeous puff-sleeve dresses we can not resist anymore, even the most hesitant among us!! Daphne wore all these ballooned sleeve dresses in a girly, 19th century appropriate way.

What about us?
Puff sleeves are precisely the radical change you need in your style for 2021. But, how to wear them?

”Don’t overdo it. Adjust the trend to your style, do not adjust your style to each trend”



That’s one of my favorite ways to wear the puff sleeve dress. It’s almost impossible to go wrong with this. Pick the cutest puff sleeve dress from your wardrobe or net-a-porter, your ’90s shoulder bag, a pair of slides, and you are ready to go. For extra cuteness, use a puffy scrunchie.

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Here is one of the easiest ways to wear the puff sleeve trend. You can wear a puff sleeve top with any skirt from satin to a short denim one and of course with jeans, trousers, and shorts. Adjust your choice in each season. For spring, wear your beautiful puff sleeve top with a midi satin skirt.

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This is the dress everyone will be wearing in summer 2021. And guess what I have planned my whole summer vacation (fingers crossed, they are happening)on this dress. Imagine wearing this ROTATE dress(see it here) in Mykonos streets with a big straw hat and a pair of Chanel mules. That’s summer for me!
So, are you going to be part of the huge puff sleeve trend of summer 2021 or not?

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