How To Wear A Bucket Hat In The 4 Most Stylish Ways

How To Wear A Bucket Hat In The 4 Most Stylish Ways[9782] 2

One of this season’s biggest trends is the bucket hat. Back in the ’90s, bucket hats have become the newest favorite accessories of it girls. So, how to wear a bucket hat is a must-know.

What is a bucket hat?

Primarily worn by fishers and farmers in Ireland, bucket hats become the center of mainstream fashion during the ’80s and the 90’s thanks to hip hop culture. A bucket hat usually has a wide, downward-sloping brim. Nowadays, bucket hats are made of a huge variety of fabrics, patterns, and colors.

What do I style with a bucket hat?

Well, if you are wondering how to wear your bucket hat, we are here to help you with this fashion problem. Let’s start with this, there are a ton of ways to style your bucket hat. Not only the obvious sportive way, for example with an oversized graphic tee and a pair of sneakers. From perfect spring outfits to stylish winter looks, bucket hats will be your new favorite accessory. And always wear it according to your style. Don’t wear it like a costume.

What color bucket hat should I buy?

It depends on your style. If you are a girl who loves neutral looks, then a black or nude bucket hat is a superb choice for you. On the other side, if you love bright colors and patterns, then go for them! You can always invest in black and white bucket hats you can wear with almost any look.


What’s the best hairstyle for bucket hats?

Bucket hats look great with any hairstyle. From afro to long straight hair, bucket hats seem stunning. For spring/summer outfits you can go for braids or for a nice casual up-do. For fall-winter outfits let your beautiful hair down! This is an idea, style your hair however you feel great!



It’s time to recluse your closet and fresh up your spring looks. But please don’t throw away any of your bucket hats. Many girls believe that bucket hats are only for autumn/winter looks. That’s a mistake. You can wear bucket hats all year long, and spring is the perfect season to start.

There’s no better time for florals and bright colors. Style a bright color bucket hat with your favorite girly puff sleeve dress. The brighter the colors, the better the outfit! Also, a floral bucket can upgrade your simple monochromatic look into the next level. And this is how to wear a bucket hat for spring.

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2)The Cool Girl's Summer Outfit

The cooler season to wear bucket hats! Why? Because it’s unexpected. And why a trend is cool? Again, because it’s unexpected. Honestly, who would believe that during 2021 we will talk about bucket hats and Dior saddlebags?

Add bucket hats into your daily summer outfits and dress to impress. Be the cool summer girl. Light fabric skirts, sexy crop tops, or even bikinis could be the ideal match for your bucket hat. So, ”how to wear a bucket hat” for summer is easier than you thought.

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When I’m pondering how to wear a bucket hat during winter, I spot this London Fashion Week outfit. Did you notice that wearing your bucket hat in the winter isn’t only about sportive vibes? Of course, you can rock a sportive winter look with a bucket hat. Match your preferred sweatpants with an oversized jacket and a bucket hat, and create the sportive winter look of your dreams.

If you are pursuing a formal look, then a long coat with a pair of colorful – glam heels and a matching bucket hat will be your go winter outfit. For a polished look, try to find the same print for the coat and the bucket hat. Matching stuff always makes you look more luxurious. 

4)Fall In Love

Match your Burberry trench coat and your Prada boots with a bucket hat and rock your fall style. A very efficient way to upgrade those not-so-creative fall outfits by using just a bucket hat. Wearing a bucket hat with your fall outfits will also protect your hair on those rainy days. Style and protection!

Bucket hats are here to stay like the other 90s trends. How to wear a bucket hat is not so challenging after all. Adopt them to your style, don’t adjust your style. Do this for every trend, always keep your style.

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