Area Nyc The Fashion Label Millennial Girls Are Crazy About

Area Nyc | The Fashion Label Millennial Are Crazy About

Area Nyc was founded in 2014 by designers Beckett Fogg and Piotrek Pansczczyk in downtown New York City, AREA is a fashion and accessories design studio specializing in quality craftsmanship, textile development, and innovative embellishment. Since its launch, AREA has garnered a cult following with its modern and timeless take on beauty and glamour.

They have Katy Perry and Kendall Jenner in their creations, without spending any money for it. Kendall Jenner is one of their biggest fans, and she posts about Area since 2015. What a great way to start your brand!

“It happened out of love for our stuff, which is great,” says Panszczyk says on Vogue. “We have never had to push Area on people.”

According to Vogue their earliest pieces for Area were cotton and lamé T-shirts that retailed at Opening Ceremony, which is across the street from their studio, for $85. “It was an easy connection to find a client immediately,” Panszczyk says on Vogue. “We also sold, like, 2,000 of those T-shirts.”

AREA’s signature style is multi-faceted; witty, inherently glamorous, playfully decadent and injected with a pop energy. The brand shares its name and spirit with the iconic 80s Manhattan nightclub, known for its fusion of art and performance in conceptually-themed nights attracting an eclectic mix of uptown and downtown scenes along with international celebrities.

Currently stocked at leading retailers around the globe, AREA has grown beyond its Downtown roots, spreading its ethos of inclusiveness and irreverent glamour around the globe.