The Ultimate Prada Nylon Bag Review – Everything You Need To Know About It

The Ultimate Prada Nylon Bag Review -Everything you need to know about it


Who could tell us that we would wear PRADA nylon bags again! Well, we desperately want them in our closet. Prada launched the ”2005 RE EDITION NYLON BAG”. The re-edition collection contains a lot of models from pouches, backpacks, the baguette, etc. It means that they create a new design for the original 2005 PRADA nylon bag. These bags are vintage right now. It’s so difficult to find any of the vintage PRADA nylon bags online.
So probably you are wondering which model we are going to review, don’t you? Well, we do both of them. Then it will be much easier for you to decide which one fits better for you. So, this is a PRADA nylon bag review for the re-edition model and the vintage one.
Let’s begin with the PRADA nylon bag review. The first thing to start, it’s the prices.




                                           – How much a PRADA nylon bags cost? 

 The prices start from 270 euros ( the pouches) and can reach 1950 euros ( the shoulder bag ). This price range is from the re-edition models. These are right now available at the official Prada online store and retailers. If you are looking for the vintage PRADA nylon bag, you will save up some dollars.

According to, the price’s for the PRADA nylon bag start from 130 $ (cloth handbag ) up to 1378 $

( cloth travel bag ). Well, you can save a ton of money! 

                             -Where can I buy the PRADA nylon bag collection?

The re-edition Prada nylon bag collection is available at and physical PRADA boutiques. 

 On the other hand, you can purchase the vintage PRADA nylon bag from a trusted second-hand retailer like,, etc. . There’s a lot of variety at a lower cost. But there’s a thing you need to pay attention to first. The vintage Prada nylon bags are unique. That means that there’s no stock! So, you have to hurry and buy the first deals. Everybody wants a PRADA nylon bag right now. There’s a lot of competition both for the vintage and the re-edition ones. Well, no matter which model you want, you need to hurry. 

I couldn’t pass how much I bought my mine from this Prada Nylon bag review. Just continue reading.


                                 – How much I bought my own Prada Nylon bag?

If you follow me on Instagram, you know that I have a red vintage PRADA nylon crush, don’t you? 

I bought my PRADA nylon bag on for 100$ two years ago! The prices were much lower at that time. It’s the demand for supply and law. It means that you have to hurry because the prices will get even higher this year. 

                                                             -What about the fit? 

First, I will talk to you about the vintage Prada Nylon bag. There’s a limited amount of space in this bag. But I can put inside my wallet,

 my I phone 7plus, keys and a lipstick. There’s no place for a makeup pouch. The vintage Prada nylon bag is an all-day bag with space for the necessaries only. 

On the other side, the re-edition Prada Nylon bag has better capacity than the vintage one. It makes total sense. Prada redesigned the bag according to 2020’s demands. The re-edition bag has a longer strap and thus makes it more practical than the vintage model. It even has a small pouch adjusted to the bag’s strap. Again it’s not the bag you will carry your MacBook.But there’s more space than the vintage Prada bag.

                                            -How to wear the Prada Nylon bag?

I wear it literally with everything from gym outfit to formal ones. I believe that this bag is a sportive – luxury addition for any look. For me, it’s a very stylish option. It’s fresh, trendy, and Prada. Wear it with everything!

                   – How does nylon work as a material of fashion and luxury? 

Well, the luxury fashion isn’t always made from ”high” quality materials anymore. PRADA has designed and sell some of the most expensive bags in the world. Most of these bags were made of super expensive and exclusive leathers. Now, PRADA makes luxury bags that cost almost 2000 $ from nylon. High fashion and style are even in the cheapest materials. 

 I was in London for fashion week a few months ago, and I visited Harrods. So, I saw the whole PRADA nylon bag collection. There were amazing! Beautiful bold colors! And because of the nylon, they are so shiny! To be honest, I loved them. I didn’t see anything ”cheap”.

The colors, the shapes, everything matches perfectly with the high profile of the brand. Nylon can be a high fashion material nowadays.

 -Does PRADA nylon bag worth the hype?

The whole PRADA nylon bags collection is a super trend right now. It is becoming a statement piece. It doesn’t have the same value as a Chanel or a Birkin bag, but the investment is much lower. It’s a bag that you can wear with everything. Well, it worths the hype. If this is your next designer piece, you should hurry. The prices are always increasing in such items. The sooner, the better.

To sum up, let’s do a re-edition Prada Nylon Bag vs Vintage Prada Nylon bag 

       Re-edition   Vintage 

Price range (aprx)   $ 270-1950   $130-1378

Strap     Variety     Short

Colors   Variety   Variety

Material   Nylon  Nylon

Where to buy   Online & instore (mostly)  Online

Size   usually more capacity usually small