90’s Treasure – The Chanel Heart Shaped Bag Everyone’s Talking About

90'S Treasure - The Chanel Heart Shaped Everyone's Talking About

This bag caught our attention on Kylie Jenner’s Instagram a while ago. The billionaire makeup mogul posed with the black and white Chanel heart-shaped bag, and we can’t forget it.
Chanel is all about iconic looks, the CC logo, and the bags. There’s no bag collection without Chanel bags. Every girl is dreaming of stepping into a Chanel boutique and purchasing one of Chanel’s classic handbags.

A Chanel boutique looks like the fashion paradise on earth. You can find endless fashion happiness there, different every season. But what if you are looking for something even more special? Something rare and precious. Something like the Chanel heart-shaped bag.
The Chanel heart-shaped bag is a fashion treasure from the ’90s. A piece that collectors wish to have.

So, if you are a bag collector and need to have this quilted Chanel heart-shaped bag on your selves, keep reading.

Where to buy the Chanel heart-shaped bag?

This bag is super rare and very difficult to find. Usually, this piece gets sold out immediately. It’s a vintage piece, so second-hand shops are your only choice. Amore Tokyo is a vintage store well known for its super-exclusive Chanel collection. If you are looking for exclusive Chanel stuff, this is the right place. Also, online second retailers like vestiairecollective.com and therealreal.com are great platforms to search for this bag. Items like the Chanel heart-shaped bag are difficult to find, so you will probably need a lot of time searching before buying.


How much the Chanel heart shaped bag costs?

This item is ideal for big spenders. The black model was sold for $9,651.00 on Amore Tokyo. The therealreal.com sold the same handbag for $3,800.00. Αnd, the only one available right now is on hushhush.com for $6,499.00. For, such rare and exclusive pieces there is no specific price range. It depends on the demand and supply.

So, the price range for a Chanel heart-shaped bag is around $4,000.00-$15,000.00.

Which are the materials, colors, and sizes of this bag?

This bag is one size only and according to hushhush.com, the dimensions are 9″L x 3″W x 8″D. The exterior of the handbag is made of quilted lambskin. The interior is also made of lambskin. The most seen color is the black one with the white CC logo. There is also a white bag with a black CC logo. Even harder to find are the red and pink handbags with a black CC logo.

So, the Chanel heart-shaped bag is a unique piece that every collector or passionate fashionista would dream about. Be prepared to break the bank for it!