Oceanus Swimwear- The Brand Behind The 80’s Alluring Swimwear

Oceanus Swimwear-The Brand Behind The 80's Alluring Swimwear


 These challenging days we are nostalgic about the 80’s luxurious lifestyle and past glam, aren’t we? Where the glam went? Can you remember the last time you wear something extravagant and then went to the grocery store? It’s hard to remember. 

Well, there’s a brand that can help you take the 80’s alluring lifestyle to the beach. Oceanus is the swimwear brand by Hannah Attalah that will transform your beachwear style from the Instagram ordinary to the ’80s inspired fabulous one. Each piece is made from recycled, eco-friendly materials and hand-embroidered with Swarovski crystals. Oceanus reflects the confident attitude of 80’s glamour evening wear which is a constant reference point for the brand. 

The brand has now launched in Harrods and Flannels and is continuously featured in the press. Expanding its product range, the brand has just dropped activewear and sleepwear collections.